The Streets Ahead Friday Night Thread

Tonight, we go 40 lightyears outside the Buttermilk Nebula! At least until the sticker comes off and we get towed outside the City Limits…


The ALCS kicks off tonight with the Blue Jays at the Royals. I’ll admit to being more invested in the NLCS, since I live in Queens and I used to live in Chicago. As far as the ALCS goes, I’ve been to Toronto three or four times and I know that there’s a song that has the lyrics, “Kansas City, Kansas City here I come…” But I get why people here would be excited about that. I assume a baseball thread will pop up later to try and usurp this one, but that’s definitely NOT Streets Ahead.

Also, there’s hockey, stuff on television and maybe you can go catch a new movie. Goosebumps, anyone?  As usual, I’ll be stuck here at work.