Summer of 1997 in the WWF


I’m watching old RAWs from 1997 and have some questions:

1. Shawn and Bret get into the backstage fight the day after the KOTR, did Michaels walk out on the WWF, did he get suspended or just told to go home for awhile to cool down. During that time did Michaels try to get out of his contract to go to WCW?

​Shawn tried to get out of his contract a lot, but the fight was a really complex deal in that they were actually working everyone at that point but they went so far with it that they ended up hating each other. So no, there was no punishment for the fight, although Shawn famously told everyone afterwards that he could drive to Boston in time for Nitro if he wanted. ​

2. If the fight between Shawn and Bret never happened what were the plans for Shawn? I’m assuming he and Austin would have kept the tag titles and HBK would probably be in the 10 man tag at the July IYH but was the plan always Shawn being the special ref for Bret/Taker at SS?

​Far as I know. ​Shawn was definitely in the 10-man originally and it got changed to Shamrock.

3. Because HBK was gone from the company, Foley got to play the Dude Love character. Was Foley always set to debut the character sometime in the summer in a different angle (probably against Triple H) or was this a reaction because Shawn was gone?

​It had nothing to do with Shawn, that much is clear. The Dude Love stuff was set up by the Foley interviews long before. ​

4. What was up with Sid? He disappears a few weeks after WM, comes back a week before KOTR to job to Taker clean, then loses his match at KOTR in a 6 man tag then disappears again. I think he was injured but why come back to job twice only to leave again?

​Softball season! ​

5. Ahmed Johnson gets his title match with Undertaker but gets hurt. Joins the NOD, gets hurt again, NOD replaces him with The Rock and he comes back a face? Ummm what the heck was all that about? I think a heel Johnson would have been pretty good. Why the quick turns for him?

Thanks Scott.

​They pretty much lost all faith in him after that NOD turn and injury, plus he was hurting guys, so that was basically their way of pulling the plug on his push. ​