How bout them Blue Jays?

It’s BonzaiDBSM, triumphantly back in the top 5!

I don’t want to wait until the next time you post some inane email about Sasha Banks needing to main event WM against Brock Lesnar to get your thoughts on the Jays. Down 8 in the division at the trade deadline, down 2-0 in the division series where most people had them dead and buried, down early in Game 5, got hosed on a play so incredibly wrong that I half expected Vince to stroll out of the Rangers’ dugout with a fake "I didn’t do this" shrug a la cutting the power during Rock/Hogan II….

…and the blue birds are still standing tall and moving on. So where is your marking out right now on the Vladimir scale?

​Jose Bautista is worth every penny they are paying him and then David Price’s salary on top of THAT. The country pretty much shut down for that game and they delivered. I think people are gonna remember that homer for a while. ​