Diva’s Revolution, not a disaster?

Hey Scott,

I know people have been really shitting on the Diva’s Revolution right now, and hell, I got to admit it’s not perfect, but I’m hearing a ton of complaints about some of their booking decisions and the behavior of certain wrestlers and a bunch of complaints about how it’s illogical and stupid and doesn’t make any sense. And I’m going to argue that in some, significant ways, the booking for the women is actually better and a good direction for wrestling to go. I don’t really have a question, this is just me laying out my theory on why it isn’t as dumb as people think it is.

1. Why is every woman feuding with every other woman? This isn’t one I’ve heard a lot, but Sam Roberts recently was complaining about how it was bad that all these women were, in some manner or another, feuding with each other. And to that I proclaim…don’t we want a wrestling world that isn’t as small as the one WWE usually creates? Didn’t we love it when Kevin Owens was feuding with 6 different wrestlers? Every wrestler should have beef with every other wrestler because, ostensibly, they’re all competing with each other to be the best. Every woman should have some sort of relationship with Charlotte, because she’s the champ, and Nikki is in a similar state, being the former champ. I like the idea that there’s a bunch of complexity to the relationships between these wrestlers. Becky and Charlotte respect Sasha for the NXT connection, but also hate BAD because they’re arrogant jerks.

2. Why is PCB still a thing? This is very popular, and I think that people are just complaining for its own sake. How tiring is the "heel turns, immediately kicks partner in the face, feud commences" angle? PCB is actually doing a breakup angle that makes the people involved look like human beings. Paige…didn’t physically attack them, she insulted them a little bit and said that the Bellas will win cause they’ll always win. Becky and Charlotte were noticeably perturbed, but immediately turning on a person that they like, respect and admire is a HEEL move. Paige is being an annoying, delusional, bitter, jerk heel, she’s not breaking people arms and kicking babies, this shows that there’s a bit more complexity than "bitches be jealous and crazy." Paige thinks that she’s right, and that she was just helping her friends out by dropping some truth bombs on them, B&C still have residual respect for Paige, so they don’t want to feud with her, but they’ve cut ties with her and have laid out some ultimatums about supporting them or hitting the road. Becky and Charlotte abandoning Paige was them putting Paige on ‘probation’ as it were, and trying to teach Paige "hey, that’s pretty uncool" in a way that doesn’t involve a beatdown.

3. Why are the Bellas doing the exact same angle that they did to PCB to BAD? Well, if you remember the matches, the Bellas basically got their asses handed to them by PCB every single time, at least until they broke Paige off from them. Now, the only threat is the remaining three-person stable, so they’re trying to find a weak link in their "we’re fed up and hungry" heel act, namely Sasha be legitimately a star above Naomi and Tamina. If BAD and PCB are no more, Nikki is basically invincible again. She’s being the smart, political heel she’s supposed to be and trying to tear apart her enemies with mean girl bullshit. It’s the nWo making WCW doubt Sting.

4. Why aren’t they using Sasha? Well, speaking as we all want a return to ‘old school’ wrestling, WWE is doing a great job. They’re building up interest in something (seeing Sasha wrestle) and not offering a way to do so on free TV. We either have to subscribe to the Network to see NXT (for 9.99) or we have to shill out for an eventual PPV match. You also notice that they’re keeping singles matches between Becky, Charlotte, Paige and Sasha off of free TV too? That’s because they know that those are legitimate draws and when the time is right, they’ll pull the trigger and people will care because the "NXT Women’s Division" has become a quasi-mythical thing.

P.S. I know that the comments section might tear this apart, but I think part of analyzing wrestling is coming up with your own theories and filling in the cracks of logic, I mean, we’re all in this to enjoy wrestling, right? Might as well create our own meaning.

​Look, if you want to chip away at this one, god bless you. But for me, just the fact that the women have to be "branded" and the whole thing shoved down our throats with hashtags immediately destroys any goodwill that their attempts at putting out a better product might have created. It’s all fruit of the poisoned tree at this point. ​