WWF Saturday Night’s Main Event November 28th, 1987

November 28, 1987

From the Coliseum in Seattle, WA

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Vince McMahon

Matches tonight include Hulk Hogan defending the WWF World Heavyweight Title against King Kong Bundy, Randy Savage vs. Bret Hart, Hercules vs. Bam Bam Bigelow, and George Steele vs. Danny Davis


We see a clip of Danny Davis attacking Steele from behind in his match against the Honky Tonk Man. Okerlund is then interviewing Steele backstage, who keeps saying “Elizabeth” then hints he will hit Davis with the Bell.


Ventura is with Davis, who questions how WWF President Jack Tunney can ban him as a referee but not Steele as a wrestler then promises to ring Steele’s bell once again as he laughs maniacally with Ventura.


Danny Davis w/ Jimmy Hart vs. George “The Animal” Steele

Steele immediately attacks Davis and starts biting him in the corner. He then uses a lifting chokehold and after that Davis retreats outside while Steele chases away the referee. Daivs comes back in and attacks Steele but is has minimal effect as Steele knocks him through the ropes. Davis tries another sneak attack and it fails so he heads back inside. Steele then surprises Davis with a drop toehold then Steele chases Davis outside of the ring. Steele tries to bring a chair into the ring but is stopped by the ref then Davis reaches down into his tights and hits him with a foreign object. Davis chokes out Steele with the object, even gouging his mouth, as he keeps it hidden from the referee. Steele fights back then puts Davis in the flying hammerlock but Davis instead boots the referee, who rings the bell as Davis has been disqualified (3:49) 1/2*. Steele grabs the foreign object and starts to rip apart a turnbuckle as Davis yells at the referee. Davis then tries to attack Steele but gets the stuffing thrown into his face as Steele ends up chasing Davis to the back with the object.

Thoughts: It wasn’t much of a match but at least it was mildly entertaining. The fans still liked Steele’s antics but he was really just a glorified opening act at this point.


Replay of Bret Hart costing Randy Savage the Intercontinental Title from the last “Saturday Night’s Main Event.”


Okerlund is with Savage and Elizabeth, who says she is fine after the attack last month. Savage says he is not fine and will not rest until he gets his hands on those cowards.


Bret Hart w/ Jimmy Hart & Jim Neidhart vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Elizabeteh

Savage gets into Bret’s face but on the outside, Jimmy Hart and Neidhart are cornering Elizabeth. Savage sees this and chases them away as they are establishing how Savage and Elizabeth are at a disadvantage. We also see Brian Bosworth heading to his seat then we get an insert promo from the Honky Tonk Man, who wants Bret to not finish off Savage so he can do the job before saying he is still not finished with Elizabeth. Savage starts by beating on Bret outside the ring and in the corner. Savage misses a charge in the corner after reversing an Irish whip as Bret is now in control of the match. Jimmy is screaming into the megaphone as Bret drops an elbow. Savage fights back and shoves Bret off of the apron and into the guardrail. Savage climbs up top and poses to the crowd as Neidhart jumps up on the apron. Jimmy is up too and Savage drags them both inside but as he flies out with a double axe handle, Bret hits him with the megaphone in midair. Back inside, Bret takes control of the match. He gets two with a piledriver but misses a charge then Savage rams him shoulder-first into the ring post. Savage comes off of the top with a double axe handle but Bret kicks out at two. Bret fights back and hits a backbreaker but misses an elbow drop from the middle rope as both men are down. Savage snaps Bret’s neck off of the top rope but Bret kicks out of that as well while Jesse is signing the praises of both men. Savage yells at the ref then gets backdropped to the floor as he is now grabbing his ankle. The ref checks on Savage as he yells at the rest of the Hart Foundation to back off or else he will declare Savage the winner. Back from break, Savage is trying to stand up in the ring. Bret works over the injured ankle for a bit then tries to slam him back into the ring but Savage turns it into a cradle and gets the win (12:03) ***1/4. After the match, Neidhart attacks Savage, who grabs the megaphone and chases them all away while hopping on one foot.

Thoughts: Good match. Bret got in a lot of offense here and looked almost like an equal to Savage in the ring with both announcers praising his abilities. It also keeps the Savage vs. Hart Family feud alive.


Okerlund is with King Kong Bundy and Bobby Heenan, who tells Okerlund to shut up as he address all of the “humanoids” that Hulkamania will die as “Bundymania” will be born. Heenan also promises a “huge” surprise as they all start laughing.


Before the match, Heenan and Bundy welcome their surprise, which is Andre the Giant. The fans boo as Andre comes down to the ring.


Hogan is now with Okerlund, talking about the “power pack behind his right ventricle” which is filled with prayers and vitamins. Hogan was slightly more insane than usual here.


WWF World Heavyweight Title Match: King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan & Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan (c)

Hogan hammers away and tries to knock Bundy down but fails. He attempts a slam but Bundy falls on top of him as the Hulkster is down in pain. Bundy targets the back, even standing on top of it as he follows that up with a slam. Bundy then misses a splash as Hogan hulks up and hits a clothesline. He drops a pair of elbows for a nearfall then hammers away. Hogan tries a backdrop but Bundy hits him with a forearm smash then applies a chinlock. Hogan eventually escapes and fires away. He ttakes Bundy down with a big boot then Andre trips up Hogan as the bell rings. Hogan then knocks Bundy through the ropes as Finkle declares that unless Andre leaves ringside, Hogan will be awarded the match. Andre is pissed as he points at Hogan then eventually calms down and leaves after Heenan begged him to do it for Bundy. As he leaves, Andre shoves down the camera man then gives him a few kicks. Andre finally leaves for good as we head to break. The match restarts with Bundy beating on Hogan, who comes back with a clothesline. Hogan uses a bunch of turnbuckle smashes before switching to chops. Hogan takes Bundy down with a high knee but misses an elbow drop then grabs his back. Bundy targets the back as he stands on top of him again. Bundy puts Hogan in a bearhug and almost puts him away but Hogan powers out. Hogan lands a few shots before running into an elbow smash then Bundy hits him with the Avalanche. Bundy follows that with a splash to the back but Hogan kicks out then hulks up. Hogan no-sells a few punches before firing away. Hogan then slams Bundy, who smartly rolls outside and pulls out Hogan. However, Hogan blocks his punches and fires away. Hogan rolls Bundy inside then as Hogan tries to climb back inside, Heenan grabs his leg and fails to beat the ten count as Bundy gets the win by countout (13:45) **3/4. After the match, Heenan is celebrating like crazy but Hogan drags him inside then drops him after a lifting chokehold. He does it again, to the delight of the crowd with Jesse sarcastically saying if this is what the little Hulkamaniacs need to see.

Thoughts: Decent match and they did a great job teasing the tension between Hogan and Andre. Also, you can have a rematch due to the ending, and as you will see later in the show, it does in fact happen.


Hercules vs. Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Oliver Humperdink

Before the match, Hercules cut a promo stating he was going to pop Bigelow’s head off with his full nelson. Bigelow backs Hercules into the corner to start. Hercules tries and fails to knock down Bigelow so he decides to hit a few knee smashes instead. Bigelow dodges an elbow in the corner then fires away. Hercules again takes control then clotheslines Bigelow over the top rope and on to the floor. Hercules tries to hit him from the apron then they brawl on the floor as the match is ruled a double countout. However, Bigelow grabs the mic and states he did not come all the way to Seattle to have a draw and if Hercules had any guts he would step back into the ring. Hercules goes back inside and they go down in a three-point stance and run into each other. Hercules tries it again and ducks down but Bigelow cartwheels over him and lands a few punches but whiffs on a dropkick after Hercules held up on the ropes. Hercules goes on offense then tries a corssbody from the top rope but Bigelow catches him and slams him down then gets the win with a slingshot splash (7:00) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not that great of a match but it introduces Bigelow to the National audience by beating a credible opponent. He was over here.


My copy cuts out Ventura congratulating Bundy and Heenan for the win while Hogan issue a challenge for the next SNME show.


Final Thoughts: A decent showing here. None of what happened at the Survivor Series was mentioned here (This show was taped two weeks before the PPV) but they prolonged the top two feuds and pushed Bigelow. A solid effort but nothing really going out of your way to see.