Writing Out Cena

Hi, Scott.  Sorry for more on this topic, but how do you think WWE will/should write Cena off TV?  Injury?  Suspension?  Would you have it as a result of actions by his HIAC opponent(s) or due to interference/an outside attack?

I assume his HIAC match will be announced tonight (my cynical guess is Rusev and Ziggler so that Cena can lose the title without taking a fall), but it does seem a little weird for WWE to have a relatively short build for a story that presumably is going to take its top star off TV for two months.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I think they should bring back Carlito and his bodyguard Jesus and have Cena get stabbed in a bar fight again like in the old days. 

Also, the title change should have been on RAW last night because it would have been the most logical payoff for the whole open challenge deal.