The Cena email

Scott, Matthew Adam Micheal Maynard Jones whatever here.

So, I’m sure you know about 411 and everyone else saying you "reported" the "news" of how Cena is doing a reality show on Fox. How are you going to play this? Ignore it? Keep posting non-rumors that you never reported just for fun? Can I post a rumor that the main of Wrestlemaina Blue Star was supposed to be HBK and Bryan against Rock and HHH, but Bryan lost part of his foot due to a MRSA infection and CM Punk was backstage at Raw to be Bryan’s replacement?

But seriously, what did you think of this whole fiasco?

​Oh sure, that’s why you banned Dougie, because you were jealous that I was involved in the bigger fiasco tonight. Not cool.

To be honest, the Daily Update did bigger numbers than the Cena post did, even with all the HOT NEWZ sites giving me pingbacks, so apparently it wasn’t controversial enough.

Oh, and to clarify for the other sites, that italicized text up there means I DIDN’T FUCKING WRITE IT. Just to be clear on that.​