NXT Takeover Respect Rant

Happy Thanksgiving, Scott! I give thanks to you for posting my Night of Champions rant, which didn’t get the warmest reception since it was a few weeks after the event – lesson learned! My NXT Takeover Respect review is much more timely: http://archivermike.tumblr.com/post/131019844286/i-watched-a-wrestling-ppv-bayley-and-sasha-banks. Not looking for a plug so much as any feedback you might have on style, content, etc. if you’d be willing to read it. (But feel free to plug if you think it’s worthwhile.) I don’t want to pester you every week so will leave you alone for a while if I don’t hear anything back from you. Much thanks for everything!

​It’s a tough job being the one to tell everyone what their opinion should be, my friend. ​