Mizdow Today

Hey Scott-

Obviously since the split of Mizdow, Sandow has gone off to basically disappear fresh off the most over he’s ever been and the Miz has returned to his role of program-less mid-card heel. Why break up such a hot act before having anything planned for either of them? Do you think the Mizdow bit had run its course, or could they have kept it together a while longer while coming up with something else for them to do?

​Oh, I think it ran its course a while before they ended it. My problem was more that the payoff should have been Mizdow winning the battle royal at WM and going his own way, instead of whatever the fuck happened to him instead. Much like everything else they do, they just ran out of ideas and moved on. For people who supposedly "tell stories", they don’t actually know how to tell stories.

I think that actually WCW did a better version of that deal with Lenny and Lodi for a while, with both guys escaping abusive relationships and realizing that they were happier together being themselves. And then it got silly, of course, but there was actually a germ of something there at the start. ​