BoD Daily Update RAW Preview

John Cena Update

With regards to Cena taking time off, it has been reported that it’s not due to injury and that he is likely not getting married to his girlfriend, Nikki Bella. It has also been reported by those reaching out to Cena that Cena himself insisted everything is fine and stated to a few that when everyone finds out why he’s taking time off they will see its a good thing but still remains guarded as to the actual reason.

WWE Perfomers Get Engaged

Both Rusev and Lana got engaged this past weekend.

NXT Wrestler Works WWE House Shows This Weekend

Tyler Breeze worked the house shows in Bloomington, IL and in St. Louis, MO this past weekend, losing against R-Truth.

PTBN’s Fair to Flair

In this four part Fair to Flair series, Parv and various guests make take a deep dive into the career of Ric Flair. This must listen for Flair fans looks at the Nature Boy’s match psychology, promos, Top 20 matches and his case as the greatest wrestler ever.

RF Video Releases Shoot Interview with Kenny Omega

Click on the link below to view the trailer, which runs for just over eleven minutes long.