Steve Austin & Taboo Tuesday 2005

I’ve always heard the rumor that Steve Austin was asked to wrestle and put over Jonathan Coachmen at Taboo Tuesday 2005. Is there a real story behind that? If so, how did that almost happen? Did the WWE really think that it was a good idea to a waste a huge Austin comeback match on a throwaway match/ event like that? Or was the WWE that intent on getting that Taboo Tuesday concept over? It’s hard to believe that whole idea would work it’s way up that high before somebody would have shot it down. Or was it a power play by McMahon? Like, was he testing Austin’s loyalty or agenda or something?

​Not a rumor at all, Austin was absolutely asked to put Coach over and told Vince to go fuck himself. Vince really loved the Coach character as a heel and I guess he must have thought that the heat would be off the charts, but luckily Austin is actually a smart person who wouldn’t let his own brand get destroyed by something like that. I’m guessing that, like you say, it was a power move by Vince to test Austin’s loyalty after the walkout and stuff. ​