Sasha Banks BITW?

Scott, this is a quick one;
Is Sasha Banks the wrestler of the year in the US? Rollins has been booked terribly, Cena is Cena, the messed up Owens, Ambrose, and Ziggler… Who’s been better on a big stage than Sasha? Her last three Takeover matches were 4-stars and above against Becky, Bailey and the Ironwoman. Who’s better than the boss in 2015?

I feel like they’re literally flushing money down the toilet by not beginning the Wrestlemania push towards Sasha Banks v. Brock Lesnar RIGHT NOW. They easily could have had her answer the John Cena challenge in Boston to win the US title, and then she could have dominated the competition while remaining fierce for the rest of the year.

Then, after she beats Brock with 4 F5’s to unify the US and World titles, they can realize that they need to break up with their current spouses and marry for the good of mankind, with Brock taking her last name of course, so that a unified Earth can have the strongest genetics possible for when aliens invade in the year 2050

I mean, clearly this stuff writes itself.