Is there something to all of this?

Hey Scott,

What’s up with all the recent TNA/WWE stuff? Finn Balor and Jason Jordan hang out in front of TNA headquarters and tweet a picture of Balor standing in front of the building, Sami Zayn is now making a series of tweets about TNA, they’ve recently signed Samoa Joe and James Storm and brought them without changing their name, and have expressed interest in EC3 and Gunnar. Anybody else find it strange?

Completely crazy or could it possibly be they have a deal in place to purchase TNA for peanuts, waiting for the deal to expire with DA, and it will be the new developmental brand for WWE? Do they have dollar signs in their eyes and NXT becomes a main brand (thus ruining it)?

​Because when you think of TNA, you think untapped potential for millions of dollars!

I think more realistically this is NXT picking over the bones of TNA’s corpse and HHH being more lenient about changing names. ​