WWF Survivor Series 1987

November 26, 1987

From the Richfield Coliseum in Richfield, OH

Your hosts are Jesse “The Body” Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon


The announcers run down the card then go over the ways in which a wrestler can get eliminated (pinfall, submission, countout, disqualification, and referee’s discretion due to injury).



Honky Tonk Man & “Dangerous” Danny Davis w/ Jimmy Hart & King Harley Race & Hercules w/ Bobby Heenan & “The Outlaw” Ron Bass vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth & Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat & Jake “The Snake” Roberts & Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Before the match, we get promos from both teams as Honky promises to put his hands on Elizabeth if she tries to interfere. All the teams are screaming like lunatics, especially the babyface side here. The crowd is going nuts for Savage’s team. The match starts off with Hercules and Beefcake, who gets the crowd going even louder by strutting around. I should not that the announcers are really hammering home the rules of the match here. Beefcake grabs a sleeper early then tosses Hercules in the corner as it appears that he might have tagged someone as both Davis and Bass come in and get hiptossed. The ref finally decides that Davis is the legal man after some confusion as Beefcake slingshots him into the ring. Roberts tags as the fans go mental and the babyface team is now taking turns beating on Davis. Steamboat eats boot on a charge then Davis finally tags out. Race is in and hits Steamboat with a shoulderbreaker but Steamboat comes back with a chop as both men are down. They get up and trade strikes and after skinning the cat twice, Steamboat is able to toss Race over the top rope. Duggan tags in and clotheslines Race to the floor and follows him out as they brawl until they get counted out (4:33). Roberts and Bass are in then Savage tags and roughs up Bass. He goes after Honky on the apron but walks into a clothesline. Honky tags and goes after Savage as the heels work him over for a bit. Savage comes back and makes a blind tag to Beefcake, who ends up eliminating Bass with a high knee as Savage’s team has the 4-3 advantage (6:58). Honky comes in and puts Beefcake in an armbar as the heels work over his arm for a while. Beefcake finally comes back with an atomic drop and beats on Honky as the announcers point out how Beefcake should have tagged out as he was tired. Davis trips up Beefcake behind the referee’s back then Honky hits him with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll for the pin as we are down to 3-3 (10:47). Savage goes after Honky but Hercules is the legal man and he gets beaten down in the corner. Davis is in but doesn’t fare to well. However, he is able to tag out as Honky is in the match. Savage comes back to hit Honky with an elbow smash then tags Jake, who fires away. He tries a charge in the corner and ends up running into a knee as the heels beat on Jake. Roberts is now egging Davis on to hit him as he makes a comeback. The fans go out of their minds as Jake hits his short-armed clothesline before putting Davis away with a DDT (15:06). Hercules runs in to attack Jake from behind as he takes turns with Honky as they isolate Roberts. Honky works a headlock as the crowd gets behind Roberts, who breaks free and hits a knee lift. Honky is able to tag out as Hercules puts Roberts in a chinlock. Roberts finally breaks out with a jawbreaker then makes the tag to Steamboat as the crowd erupts. Steamboat hits some chops and does his poses and softens Hercules up for Savage, who puts him away with the flying elbow drop as it is now 3-1 (20:56). Savage and Honky are slugging it out until Honky dodges an attack and works on Savage in the corner. Savage comes back with a running elbow smash before tagging Steamboat, who hits a few chops. Roberts tags in and blocks a sunset flip attempt by Honky. Savage tags in and hits a flying double axe handle as Honky gets knocked out of the ring then retreats up the aisle with Hart and gets counted out as your survivors are Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, and Jake Roberts (23:38) ***.

Thoughts: Fun match. It prolonged the Duggan/Race feud with the double count-out and the end, with all three guys that have legitimate beefs with Honky left with him in the ring and Honky just taking the countout, was an excellent way to maintain heel heat. It also set up potential conflict between Beefcake and Honky with Davis tripping Beefcake up as that led to Honky putting him away with the Shake, Rattle, and Roll.



Craig DeGeorge is with Andre the Giant’s Survivor Series team. Andre says he is here for one reason only and that is to be the Survivor.



Gene Okerlund shows us the Survivor Series official t-shirt and souvenir program and how to get it by mailing an order to the “WWF Merchandising Department/Survivor.”



Glamour Girls w/ Jimmy Hart & Dawn Marie & Donna Christianello & Sensational Sherri vs. Velvet McIntyre & Rockin’ Robin & Jumping Bomb Angels & Fabulous Moolah

I hope I correctly identified the Jumping Bomb Angels here. Match starts with Sherri attacking McIntyre from behind. She clotheslines her down but McIntyre comes back with a crossbody for two. Moolah tags in and prevents Sherri from tagging out then uses a variety of hair pulls. Christiantello tags as Moolah slingshots her into the ring and does it again when she enters before tagging Itsuki. She hits a slingshot dropkick but misses a second attempt. McIntyre tags in and beats on Christiantello before putting her away with a victory roll (1:57). Leilani Kai immediately attacks McIntyre then gets taken down with a flying headscissors. Robin is in but gets trapped in the wrong corner. Dawn Marie tags in and tosses Robin down before tagging Martin. Robin then proceeds to hit quite possibly the worst crossbody press I have ever seen in my life for a nearfall. She didn’t even get both feet off of the ground. The heels beat down Robin as the crowd is almost silent. Robin finally comes back with a clothesline on Dawn Marie then puts her away with a crossbody that looked slightly better than her first attempt as the heels are at a 5-3 disadvantage (4:12). Kai and Noriyo are now in as Kai hits a slam. Noriyo then bridges out of the pin attempt and hits a few cradles before landing a few screaming jumping high knee smashes as the crowd has awoke. Itsuki tags in and hits Sherri with a Mexican armdrag and a double underhook suplex as both the crowd and the announcers are in awe over the Jumping Bomb Angels. Robin tags in and knocks Sherri down. Sherri fights back and tags Kai, who gets taken down with a monkey flip in the corner. Sheri is back in and she hits a suplex for the pin (6:55). Itsuki is in and goes back-and-forth with Martin. She gets taken down with a hairpull and does a helicopter-like selling job. A bunch of quick tags by both teams happen as the action stays at a steady pace for a few minutes until Martin makes a blind tag to Kai, who assists with a double clothesline from the apron as Martin pins Moolah with the teams down to 3-3 (10:55). Itsuki comes in and catches a kick attempt by Martin then knocks her down as the faces work over the leg of Martin. McIntyre locks on a Boston Crab before putting her in a bow-and-arrow lock. McIntyre brought her “A” game tonight. Martin breaks the hold by grabbing the ropes. Sherri tags and hits a leg drop before nearly dropping McIntyre straight on her head with a suplex. Itsuki tags but Kai hits her with a double underhook suplex for two as Itsuki bridged out of the pin yet the bell rings anyway as the referee waves it off. McIntyre tags and gets trapped in the corner but fights back. She uses a giant swing on Sherri then dodges a charge in the corner and puts away Sherri with a victory roll (14:56). Itsuki tags and almost puts Martin away with a sunset flip as McIntyre is lying on the apron in pain. Noriyo hits a double underhook suplex then puts Kai in a bodyscissors. McIntyre tags in and nearly puts Kai away with a rollup then tries a victory roll as Kai hits her with a slingshot electric chair drop for the pin as it is now down to the Glamour Girls and the Jumping Bomb Angels (17:24). Martin knees Noriyo from the apron then Kai heads up to but misses a splash as Itsuki tags in and puts her away with a flying body press (18:38). Martin is in and boots down Itsuki then beats her down for a bit. Martin gets a nearfall with a slam but Itsuki ducks a clothesline and spikes Martin down with an atomic drop. Noriyo tags and they hit a double backdrop on Martin. Hart jumps up on the apron as Itsuki dropkicks him off as he takes a nasty bump to the floor as his feet appear to get caught in the ropes and after that, Noriyo puts Martin away with a flying clothesline as the Jumping Bomb Angels are the survivors (20:17) **1/2.

Thoughts: At times, this was quite good. It was when the Jumping Bomb Angels and McIntyre was on offense though. The long heat sequence on Robin was terrible and took the crowd out of the match. The real story here was the Jumping Bomb Angels. They got over huge here with their offense, which blew everyone away. This match also made the JBA’s into the #1 contender’s for the barely pushed Women’s Tag Team Titles, which as a result of this match has some interest due to the JBA’s. On a lesser note, it made Velvet McIntyre the #1 Contender to Sherri’s title as she pinned her in the match. As far as Moolah, the crowd still booed her and this was her last match until 1999, when she teamed with Mae Young to take on Ivory. The clipped version of this show on the Coliseum Home Video release made the match look better than it was, IMO.



Bolsheviks w/ Slick & Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji & New Dream Team w/ Johnny V. & The Islanders w/ Bobby Heenan & Hart Foundation w/ Jimmy Hart vs. British Bulldogs & Young Stallions & Rougeau Brothers & Killer Bees & Strike Force

Volkoff sung the National Anthem before the teams came out. The face team also came out to the Bulldogs theme, until Strike Force came out to “Girls in Cars” at the end. Match starts with Volkoff beating on Martel, who fights back. Volkoff uses a lifting chokehold then tags Zhukov but he gets hit with a crossbody. Santana tags in then after a little bit eliminates Zhukov with the flying forearm (1:45). Ax comes in and beats on Santana. The action is fast and furious now with frequent quick tags. A real hectic and fun sequence which included Haku and Dynamite are beating the crap out of each other. Jacques is now in with Ax and lands a few shots but misses a crossbody from the middle rope and gets pinned as the Rougeaus are eliminated (5:49). Powers is now isolated in the opposite corner but manages to escape and tag Roma, who doesn’t fare much better. Valentine tags and gets nearfalls with a shoulderbreaker and a suplex before tagging Bravo. Roma tags out as Dynamite clothesline Smash for two but fails a second attempt and gets beaten down by the heels between the ropes. The ref tries to step in-between and gets shoved down by Smash and that is a disqualification as Demolition has been eliminated (9:11). Hart comes in and immediately attacks Dynamite. He misses a charge as Powers tags in and gets beaten up by Tama for a bit. Tama misses an inverted slingshot splash in the corner and Powers tags Martel as the crowd pops. Martel runs wild on Tama but puts him a Boston Crab right near the opposite corner and that allows Tama to make a blind tag to Neidhart. Santana tags in and hits Neidhart with a flying forearm but Hart makes the save with an elbow smash to the head then Neidhart covers and gets the pin as the champs are eliminated (12:04). Powers is in and misses a dropkick and after that gets worked over for a few minutes. He suplexes Valentine but still ends up getting dragged back into the corner as Hart tags in and after that Powers tags out in a sequence that seemed messed up a bit as Roma now runs wild…….for about five seconds until Hart stops that with a thumb to the eye. Roma is now getting beaten down and tags Powers back in as Jesse notes how that is a mistake due to inexperience. However, Powers avoids a move and tags Dynamite, who sends Hart into the corner for two. Back suplex gets two. Roma is back in and hits a back elbow smash. Blair and Haku are in as Blair gets the best of that. Davey is in and hits a few headbutts until Powers comes back in and misses a charge in the corner. Davey comes in and catches Hart with a press slam. He drags Haku into the ring and hits his running powerslam for a nearfall. He tags Dynamite and they hit a suplex/falling headbutt combo but Dynamite ends up hurting himself then Haku pins Dynamite with a thrust kick as the Bulldogs are gone (19:57). The Young Stallions control the match for about a minute until Bravo blocks a monkey flip by Powers with an inverted atomic drop. Powers is now in the tree-of-woe as that leads to the rest of the babyface team running in as the ref orders them back. Valentine tries for the figure four on Powers but that fails. Powers then makes a blind tag to Roma, who ends up hitting a sunset flip from the top rope and getting the pin as the New Dream Team are eliminated (23:39). And they were gone for good, thankfully. The action goes back-and-forth for a bit as Brunzell gets in a good amount of offense. Roma is trapped in the wrong corner then a funny moment takes place: Haku hits Roma with a standing dropkick and after the announcers talk about how impressive that looked, Gorilla jokes how he’d like to see Neidhart try that…………and he does. Neidhart covers for a nearfall. Roma escapes and tags Brunzell, who runs wild on Hart. While the ref tries to restore order, Tama dropkicks Hart as Brunzell had him up for a slam but Brunzell uses the momentum to roll on top of Hart and gets the pin as the crowd goes nuts (30:27). A “weasel” chant breaks out as the Tama has Brunzell in a nerve hold. Brunzell inches towards his corner but Tama yanks him back by the hair. Haku tags as Brunzell gets two with a sunset flip. The Islanders are trying to maintain control of the match as they are beating on every guy that tags in while Jesse credits them for just that. The match then breaks down and as Brunzell tries to take Haku down with a sunset flip behind the ref’s back, Blair slingshots in while wearing a mask to take Haku down and ends up getting the win as Brunzell slid out in time to put on his mask as Jesse is pissed off (37:14) ****.

Thoughts: Really good match that was all action. Bret Hart in particular really stood out here as he put on an amazing performance. The Young Stallions winning was a surprise as they were positioned as underdogs who took an ass kicking yet hung around to the end. You would figure that they would get a push after that but it didn’t happen. With the Hart Foundation cheating to pin Santana that adds to their program with Strike Force. This was the final appearance of not only the New Dream Team but Johnny V. as a manager. Johnny would go on to job in opening matches the next few months before leaving. Demolition was also kept strong as they only lost due to DQ. They have yet to get pinned on TV or PPV. This is something to definitely seek out.



More plugs from Oklerlund on how to get the official Survivor Series t-shirt and program.



We are now shown a vignette of the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase on how he spends his Thanksgiving. DiBiase says while all of us are pinching our pennies to buy dinner and how the wrestlers are all beating each other up he is driving around in one of his toys. He then laughs about being generous to others by offering up chances to make money as we see some of his segments with fans. After that, we are shown DiBiase laughing at “poor kids” being unable to complete simple tasks before we also see the clip of a woman down on her hands and knees barking like a dog. A long segment that was designed to overcompensate for the fact that DiBiase was not booked for the show. The vignette was also somewhat pushing the fact that he was better than the others as he was spending a day in luxury while everyone else was beating each other up in the ring.




The announcers talk about the action as Jesse really put over the Jumping Bomb Angels, comparing them to Savage and Steamboat in the ring. High praise.



Craig DeGeorge is on the interview platform with the Honky Tonk Man and Jimmy Hart. Honky tells us that he had survived tonight and is still the greatest IC Champion of all-time, even calling out Hulk Hogan for being jealous of him. He then tells Savage that he is nothing and how no one can beat him. An excellent heel promo here. Honky’s act was killing it tonight.



“Ravishing” Rick Rude & King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan & “The Natural” Butch Reed & One Man Gang w/ Slick & Andre the Giant w/ Bobby Heenan vs. Bam Bam Bigelow & “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff w/ Oliver Humperdink & Ken Patera & “The Rock” Don Muraco & Hulk Hogan

The crowd erupts for Hogan. Match starts with Rude and Muraco going back-and-forth. Orndorff tags and that starts a sequence in which all of the faces beat down Reed, with Bigelow looking the best and the crowd going nuts. Reed tags as he gets dropkicked a few times by Orndorff. Hogan tags and they take Reed down with a double clothesline before Hogan eliminates him with a leg drop (3:06). Andre sneaks into the ring and Hogan sees him after he stops celebrating but the ref saw that Hogan made the tag to Patera after the pinfall. Patera and Bundy are now in the ring as Patera gets the best of that. The faces beat on Gang until he uses an eye rake on Patera. Gang works a front facelock as the crowd is screaming for Patera to make the tag. This crowd was thunderous. Patera fights out then lands a few blows but they clothesline each other and Gang covers for the pin as Patera is done (8:45). Hogan runs in and works on Gang before tagging Bigelow as the crowd goes nuts again. Both men collide as now Rude and Orndorff are back in the ring. Orndorff goes mental as the fans are eating this all up. He signals for the piledriver but Bundy hits him from behind and Rude gets the pin with the rollup as its 4-3 (10:25). The faces work over Rude until Muraco puts him away with a powerslam as its back to 3-3 (11:20). Muraco is getting beaten down now as he is trapped in the wrong corner. He kicks out after failing on a powerslam attempt as the announcers talk about the Hogan/Andre confrontation happening soon. Andre nails Muraco from the apron then Gang puts the Rock away with a splash as its 3-2 (12:56). Bundy beats on Bigelow as Hogan makes a save on a pin attempt. Gang is in now and he roughs up Bigelow then Andre tags in for the first time. However, Bigelow ducks underneath him and makes the tag as Hogan unloads on Andre. They trade chops after Andre blocks a headbutt. Hogan knocks Bundy and Gang off of the apron then goes back after Andre but Bundy drags him out. They all brawl and Hogan slams both guys on the floor but in the process gets counted out as it is 3-1 (18:05). Hogan pleads his case then Finkel reads the rules, which state if Hogan does not go back to the locker room, Andre will be awarded the Heavyweight Title. Bigelow starts unloading on Bundy and almost puts him away with an elbow drop. He staggers Bundy with a dropkick then dodges an Avalanche by ducking out on the apron and hits Bundy with the slingshot splash for the pin as Bundy is gone (20:32). Gang attacks Bigelow then works a front facelock on the mat as the crowd is screaming for Bigelow. Gang then tries for a splash from the top and misses as Bigelow drapes his arm over Gang for the pin as it is down to Andre and Bigelow (22:52). Andre knocks Bigelow into the ropes then Bigelow tries to use his speed but Andre hits a double underhook suplex for the win (24:07) ***1/2. After the match, Hogan runs in and clears Andre from the ring as Jesse screams at him for being a sore loser. Hogan then poses to the fans to close the show.

Thoughts: Another really good match. First, by giving Andre the win, they have established him back as the #1 contender to Hogan’s title. And last, they made a star out of Bam Bam Bigelow in this match. He nearly overcame the odds by going through three of the biggest guys on the roster. The crowd was nuts for this whole match. Reed really did the job here as he coasted by until leaving the company after WrestleMania IV.



Okerlund is backstage with Andre and Heenan, who challenges Hogan to sign his name on the contract because if he wants Andre in a match, he will have that then screams about Hogan for being a coward.


Show closes with a still photo montage set to “Real American.”



Final Thoughts: With all of the hype coming into the show, and a little too much of it if you ask me, this certainly delivered. The Tag Team match stole the show and the main event was cleverly booked, as was the opener. Also, the women’s match, mainly the Jumping Bomb Angels, shocked everyone in the crowd with their stellar performance and it finally put some stock back into the WWF Women’s Division. I recommend this show as something you should definitely seek out. Top to bottom, it is a great one.