RF Video Shoot Interview with Maven

This was filmed in 2005

The hosts were two guys from “K & S Promotions” so I guess RF Video helped distribute the shoot.

It runs at two hours and eight minutes long.


The interview starts with Maven saying he grew up a wrestling fan in Virginia. He saw his first match live at age seven between Ric Flair and Magnum TA. He talks about the popularity of the NWA at that time.



He got recruited by a small college in Virginia to play catcher. While there, he broke his hand and got moved to the outfield and was happy with that. He was all conference his last two seasons and went undrafted despite getting a few looks at scouts. After a couple of tryouts and a few seasons of semi-pro ball in Oregon, he realized becoming a pro was not happening so he quit. Maven does tell a recruiting story that took place after his senior year. He hit .459 is senior year and drove two hours for a tryout with the Arizona Diamondbacks. He arrives and opens his trunk to find that he forgot his glove. He jokes about not making a good impression. On steroids in baseball, Maven says he doesn’t care and references Jose Canseco’s book “Juiced” and how it doesn’t give you improved coordination of anything and that adults can make decisions on what to put in your bodies.



Maven recalls watching RAW one day when he heard Jim Ross talk about “Tough Enough.” Even before that, he sent info to Shawn Michaels’ wrestling school in Texas and also in UPW. He received info on both schools and never even thought “Tough Enough” was an option and sent in a tape the day before the deadline and said it was him fucking around with his buddy. He also comments about who can actually think they will get picked after sending in a tape, going as far as to say when the WWE called him up he thought it was a friend playing a joke on him.



The first audition, Maven said everyone was jacked while he was 6’2 and maybe 200lbs, not intimidating at all. They did some interviews and worked out. He talks about before cutting his promo, he winked at Jackie and after that Taz berated him as Maven said he did that because they kept telling everyone to be different in order to stand out.



He was the closest with Greg and Josh (Josh Matthews) from Tough Enough. Maven then talks about Chris Nowinski and how he had trained for five months at Killer Kowalski’s school and at least the basics, which the rest did not.



When asked how “real” the actual show was, Maven said they made him look good as there were nights when he came back to the house drunk that they could have shown but did not. He also talks about how the trainers were trying to break them all, noting how three contestants quit after the first week.



On the contestants, Maven said that Darryl was a big crybaby. He liked Shadrick but said he could not pick up on wrestling.



Maven said Al Snow was a wonderful trainer and referred to him as a “father figure.” He attributes his career to Snow. Maven said Tazz made you earn his respect but was your friend after that as Maven talks about liking him and those who are similar.



He thought he would win the show a month after the show started. He said Chris and Josh were his competition but not as good of a talker as himself and that separated him from the pack. After winning, the office let him go home and be with his mother, who was sick of cancer. They even paid for his flights to TV tapings.



Maven went to the HWA Territory for developmental. He talks about being scared at first but got to know the guys, who took him in and helped him out. He lived with EZ Money for a little bit and said he would help train him on the side. Maven said he had a great time being there.



He got called up while at practice on day when the office called saying they were flying him to Los Angeles, where he beat the Undertaker for the hardcore title. After that, he worked house shows teaming with Snow and working against Tazz.



Maven said the locker room treated him great, stating some guys might have talked behind his back about being on “Tough Enough.” He talked about how he got ribbed when they chained his duffel bag to the ceiling and the only way to get him down was to cut the straps so he had to carry it with both hands through the airport. He believes it was Bradshaw. Maven said it was a funny rib. He did add that Lance Storm came up to him to say a lot of guys were pissed off about his spot on WrestleMania X-8. Maven said he realized a lot of guys deserved to be on the show but at the same time, he isnt writing the company. Maven said he learned later on his spot bumped off a Test vs. A-Train match.



On feeling the pressure, he talks about wrestling on TV after WrestleMania and missed Rosey with a dropkick by at least 18 inches and said he lost sleep for over a week about that. Maven talks about constantly worrying and harping over his own mistakes.



He is asked about some of the guys. Maven said he was cool with Bradshaw backstage and despite hearing of his rep as a bully, never witnessed it himself. Maven said Undertaker helped him get through the Royal Rumble spot and even showed him how he was going to blade him during the match. He said Undertaker was a total professional. Maven said Rock was the coolest guy in the world. Hulk Hogan asked him to meet his son, who was a fan of his on “Tough Enough.” He never got to know Austin much and said that he mostly kept to himself. Maven also said that Austin referred to him as “Raven.” Maven said Edge and Christian were awesome, putting over Christian for making his opponents look great. Maven said that he rode with Randy Orton for a bit who told him that he had more fun working with Edge than anyone else. He calls Kurt Angle a “machine” that can wrestle circles around everyone else in the world. He does want him to use better judgement with regards for his body and would hate to see him permanently injured. Maven also says he is the complete package as a performer.



Maven is asked about his first “ring rat” story. It took place in Canada when he walked into a gym and saw a trainer that was “hot as shit.” She was married and asjed what time the show took place as Maven said it was that night then they were hitting the road to make the next town after that. The girl then asked Maven how much longer he had before heading to the arena then wanted to know where he was staying so he invited her over as Maven said Al Snow had to knock on his door because he was late.



He is asked once again if guys gave him a hard time for being on “Tough Enough,” Maven said never to his face but knows it took place behind his back. On whether or not Nidia went through that, Maven said that she might have because she was loud and obnoxious. Maven then denied that he dated Nidia in real life.



He is asked about Hardcore Holly. Maven said that while liking to hit people hard, Holly wants you do hit him back the same way. Maven says some people might call him a bully but “this ain’t ballet” and that its wrestling and you cant go home and cry for getting stiffed in the ring. When asked about Holly beating on Matt Cappotelli from Tough Enough, Maven said he was right there when it happened and doesnt want to hear people bitch about that as he saw worse every night for five years straight on house shows. Maven notes that Holly worked Randy Orton when he first came in for eight weeks straight and Holly beat the shit out of him while Orton never complained once. Maven said that he likes Cappotelli, who probably now realizes it wasnt as bad as he thought and how that was his first ass-kicking.



Maven broke his fibula attempting a baseball slide when the heel of his boot got caught on the canvas in a Smackdown match against Christian. It was right at the beginning of the match and they finished it up and he had so much adrenaline going that he didnt even notice the severity of what happened.



On getting squashed by HHH on RAW before WrestleMania 19, Maven said Arn Anderson came up to him and said he was going to do a job. Maven then said that HHH took care of him and thanked him after the match.. Maven said that he had to make HHH look good and hopes he did that.



When asked about the rumor of him being a part of Evolution, Maven said no one ever told him and that there would never be a “black guy” in the group before saying how HHH probably wouldnt want someone associated with “Tough Enough” in his stable. He then adds that he never deserved to be in the stable to begin with and after that talks about how he was never a good technical wrestler. Maven also talks about how with injuries, he had only been wrestling for three years and that he is not a natural like Randy Orton, who Maven calls the best young talent on the roster. Maven hopes that the company does not diminish Orton’s love for the business.



Maven said that Shawn Michaels was nice to him and would sit down help teach him at times. He says, in his opinion, that Goldberg didnt like wrestling at all but did it as he was a “money maker.” In the locker room, Maven said that Goldberg kept to himself and usually dressed in his own locker room. On Ric Flair, Maven tells a story about how he wrestled him in Dallas, TX and it was the easiest match as Flair led the match. He does say that Flair is very quiet and hard to understand when calling matches. He talks about being friends with Batista and credits him for all the progress he has made.



He talks about how he was booked stating one week he was in nine segments as the GM and wrestling HHH for the title and the next he was in the opening match jobbing against Snitsky. Maven said he heard that Vince McMahon is keen on reeling guys back in if they are getting too much exposure. After that, Maven said he knew he was back at square one.



Maven said all of the offices guys and agents treated him well except for Dean Malenko, who he said made it clear that he hated him. He approached Dean about it one day and said he was such an asshole to him that he ended up losing respect for him but then said he can have his own opinion. Maven credits Arn Anderson for helping him out and Michael Hayes for being encouraging.



He loved being paired with Simon Dean, saying its easy and fun to run down the crowd for being pieces of shit for not being in shape. Maven thinks that it will always be a Velocity or Heat act and his ultimate goal is to run the Developmental system.



Maven knew his release was coming shortly after the ECW: One Night Stand. He said the four months leading up to that he was waiting for the call that he was being released and was not shocked at all when it happened. He had fun at the One Night Stand show.



He is asked about rumors of him and Randy Orton getting in trouble for partying on the road, Maven said they did to that and if that was why he got fired, it is bullshit. Maven says there have been so many that have gotten arrested and had drug and alcohol problems that if him and Orton getting a few drinks and chilling at strip clubs is why he got fired, then he is glad to be gone from the WWE. Maven states he always showed up on time and in shape to perform.



Maven talks about the WWE and said he does not like the way they treat people, citing while its not a big deal to cut himself, a “Tough Enough” guy, they do not take care of guys like D’Von Dudley and Christian, who put their bodies on the line and make others look great and questions the motives of the company.



He is asked about some of the other Tough Enough winners. He didnt know Daniel Puder and said that Jackie Gayda liked to speak her mind a lot and that led to her downfall.



On going to TNA or the indies, Maven said he is keeping his options open. He also talks about no longer watching the WWE but does follow TNA due to D’Von, who he considers a friend.



Maven talks about some road stories. His first one involved Randy Orton and Edge while they were at an IHOP. They ordered breakfast but Orton didnt get his food. Orton’s food finally comes out and its wrong. He got his oatmeal and there was about a few inches of water on the top so he asked the waitress what was wrong so she told Orton something to the effect of go home and cook it yourself if you are unhappy. Orton then proceeded to toss it up in the middle of the aisle as it smashed to the ground.



Another road story took place in Boston at a Chinese restaurant called Kowloon’s. He was with Orton and Mark Jindrak and there were a lot of fans waiting outside so they talked to the cops about staging a fight just so it could make the internet so Orton and Jindrak pretended to fight while Maven and the cops broke it up and sure enough, the next day it was all over the internet. Maven said the cops even took Jindrak in the cruiser and drove away. Maven says he missed hanging out on the road the most since being away from the WWE.



He talks about all of the guys he misses then talks about the WWE trying to “strongarm” Benoit out of the company and hopes that Benoit will be able to leave on his own terms.



Maven holds no ill-will towards Vince, saying its his company and he can run it the way he wants. On whether or not HHH is good for business, Maven said he is phenomenal in the ring but questions his political motives.



He talks about finishing the filming of the reality show “The Surreal Life” as he spent time meeting with agents in Los Angeles after being released from the WWE. At first, he turned down the show but decided to do it and talks about possibly getting a lot of exposure from that.



The interview ends with Maven thanking all wrestling fans for their support and also appreciates their love for wrestling.



Final Thoughts: I thought this was an excellent interview. Maven certainly did not hold back here. He also seemed to be appreciative of his opportunity and knew his ability was not the best but at the same time was able to express his frustrations about the company. I never felt that Maven was bitter here.

I was a little shocked to hear Maven call out Cappotelli for complaining about the Tough Enough incident. I figured those guys stuck together. Regarding his career, you can kind of read between the lines and see how he might have been partying a bit too much on the road and that could have led to his dismissal.

Overall, I really enjoyed this interview. I think Maven was a much better guest than I could have anticipated and did not go out of his way to bury anyone.


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