During the time of WCW rising as a threat to WWF (94 onwards), me and a close friend used to have a personal battle about where our allegiances lie. Obviously we were children of the WWF-Hulk-80s era so it was to my disgust that my mate was pledging his allegiance to WCW (over WWF) – mainly because of the defected WWF stars. I gave the example close to us at the time, if your soccer team is struggling, gets rid of some players, you don’t go and start supporting another team. He disagreed. We spent the next 6-7 years arguing about this where I would often call him a traitor. This argument would then spill over to anyone we knew was into wrestling when we would ask them if they were WCW or WWF.

Being on the wrong side of 30s these days, I look back at my thinking and while somewhat immature, I still think there is merit in my theory.

What do you think?

There was many years where I cheered for the Boston Bruins as a backup team because the Canucks traded my favorite player, Cam Neely, to them.  That changed in 2011, of course, but there was a point where I had followed a player to another team, so I can see that line of thinking to a certain degree.  I know lots of Oiler fans who were cheering for either the LA Kings or NY Rangers in the early 90s as well for the same reasons. 

That being said, the whole WCW v. WWF war was well in effect during the Attitude Era for the fanbases, especially on RSPW.  Even today you have numbskulls like the TNA Mecca morons who blindly follow their group, even if all the top stars are composed of WWE rejects. 

So basically, whatever viewpoint makes me look smarter is the one I support.