WWF’s NWA talent raid

Horsemen in WWF?

I really get confused & need some clarity on what was going on with Vince raiding the NwA in the late ’80s – early ’90s. It just seems like too much of a coincidence that much of this raid, in succession, were some form of the Four Horsemen, & many ended up with Heenan. So can you please tell me what was the plan with The Brain Busters, Widowmaker, Flair, Sid Justice, and Luger? The thought had to at least be in Vince’s head that he had an opportunity for a WWF version of the Horsemen. Was it a wasted opportunity, as in was it a possible money making angle for that era with Hogan?

Then there was also another group of NwA guys with Rooster, Garvin, Powers of Pain, and of course Dusty & the Road Warriors. Now I know not everybody was there at the same time, but it seems like Vince could have had anybody, at anytime he wanted. So with the raid, why were so many stints failures? Why did almost everybody basically high tail it back to Crockett? And how close was Sting & Koloff?

Thanks much, love the BoD, and go Bills!!!!

​Vince had absolutely no desire to recreate the Horsemen, I can tell you with 100% certainty. The availability of Tully & Arn was due to JJ Dillon leaving at the same time and basically taking them with him. Vince wasn’t gonna say no to fucking over Crockett by signing the tag champions, even if he didn’t have a big plan for them.

Flair signed in 91 because Vince always wanted him, and Flair wanted to stick it to Jim Herd. Otherwise Flair probably would have stayed.

Sid and Luger were two guys that were always on Vince’s radar and would have come in eventually.

Barry Windham was a nothing signing, because Windham was a hot name at that point, but he was clearly checked out already and just wanted the money.

As for why everyone went back, everyone’s different, but I think a lot of it was being closer to home and making better money thanks to Turner’s guaranteed contract system. Vince was all about "opportunity" at that time, and if you didn’t get over then there was no opportunity to make money. ​