180s and can’t miss prospects

Hey Scott,

1. About a year ago I emailed you asking what Triple H and co. possibly saw in Bull Dempsey, and your answer was something along the lines of "beats me". I really hated the guy, but somewhere over the last several months the big lug somehow gradually grew on me. He’s still pretty dreadful in the ring, but he sort of has an undeniable presence and charisma about him that makes him sort of impossible to not enjoy. Have you warmed up to Bull? Have there been any wrestlers who you initially hated that eventually won you over for one reason or another?

2. On the subject of NXT, it seems like with the obvious exception of the Shield guys, Charlotte/Becky/Sasha who are too recent to have really screwed up yet, and arguably Bray Wyatt, nobody called up from NXT has done particularly well once called up to the main roster. Rusev, Neville, and Kevin Owens were all promising for a bit but became just more bodies in the midcard logjam, Adam Rose and Emma were unmitigated disasters, and other call-ups have just sort of existed. With that in mind, are there any acts in NXT right now that you look at and think "there is NO possible way Vince could screw this guy/lady/team up"?

3. How have the Shield 3 managed to avoid the same ultimate fate as the rest of the NXT call ups?


​1. Well, the Rock, duh. I guess you probably weren’t around for the early days of RSPW-hatred of Rocky, but ​I was definitely part of the anti-Maivia team until 1998.

2. They can screw anybody up, but if they bring up Enzo and Cass and put them in every house show opener for the next 5 years, they’ll do fine no matter what.

3. They were more of a Vince project than an NXT one. The Shield gimmick was created specifically for them because Vince wanted Roman Reigns to come up with a strong push.