How the Sting injury affects a Kurt Angle return


With the neck injury scare to Sting last week at the ppv, is that the official last straw of any chance WWE even considers bringing Kurt Angle back for any type of last run with the company?

Kurt has been vocal again about wanting a last WWE match and went on the Mark Madden radio show stating he will not re sign with TNA when his deal runs out in January.

But with Kurts mounting injuries and with the Sting scare, how hesitant will WWE be to put aging stars including Kurt in any sort of physical in ring work going forward?

​Dude, Kurt Angle is not coming back. They fired him for a REASON, and that reason is bat-shit craziness. But in the larger sense, Lawler’s heart scare and now Sting’s injury have really made them less likely to do legends matches any more. On the bright side, most of the people from that era are dead from drugs anyway!