Cesaro’s depush

So Cesaro gets to breath the air of main eventers, getting multiple 4-star matches with Cena, teaming with Orton and feuding with Owens all the while "Cesaro section" signs are everywhere and even the announcers are bringing it up and openly discussing. And then just like a fart in the wind, he’s gone again, being the job guy to Big Show (in 2015) and even the fans seem to have quit caring as there’s no sign of a Cesaro section and heaven forbid he shows up on ppv… So is this it finally? Can we officially stop waiting and caring about Cesaro and accept he’s a more talented Wade Barrett and he’ll soon be "that guy who came out during a commercial whose music we don’t get to hear"?

​Well at least they didn’t decide to give him the IC title or the MiTB briefcase. If either one of those happened he’d never be booked to win another match again. I think really the problem is that he’s too Swiss, and he needs to work on that before he can get pushed again. ​