Lucha Underground Season 2 Confirmed

It’s great news, for sure. I’m not sure what the breakthrough was that allowed them to announce the second season. Last we heard, they needed to secure additional television revenue, or an alternative media distribution source (i.e. Netflix). Hopefully we will be finding out what made this possible shortly.

If you’d like to check out some of my work on Season 1 (I picked it up at Episode #32) you can check out the Lucha Underground tag here on BoD. If you want to familiarize yourself with the product, I’d recommend my LU Primer  and, I’d recommend watching Ultima Lucha Part I and Part II.

If we do get a streaming option that drops in the coming months, I will go back and do a regularly scheduled re-watch review of the first season to fill in the gap of missing reviews for the first 31 episodes. Otherwise, hopefully I’ll be around to guide you through Season 2. The rumored start date was January 2016, but no confirmed word on that at this time.


This confirms the show is staying in “The Temple” in Boyle Heights.