New Age Origins


As I make my way through 1997, I got thinking about Billy Gunn & Jesse James’ eventual union. At the moment, I’m in April/May and Billy is Rockabilly with HTM.

If I remember rightly (from watching 97’s ppvs a few years ago), Billy & Road Dogg opened quite a few (?) of the In Your Houses against each other before they chucked them together.

My wondering on this is: was there any talk of them being paired up as a Rhythm & Blues 2000 or similar? They’d made Billy a 90s HTM and Jesse James had the Country Singing gimmick so it seems that might have been an option.

Or were they always going to be the degenerate team going into what came after?


Essentially they were going to be cut loose and if I remember correctly they basically went to Vince and asked to be allowed to team up for the hell of it.  They were just kind of given the directive to go out and get over and the rest is history.  So no, there was no grand plan for them or anything.