Rock Star Gary reflects on…WCCW Cotton Bowl Extravaganza 1985

Live from Dallas, TX

Airdate: October 6, 1985

Attendance:  26,000

Hosted by Bill Mercer

This event took place during the Texas State Fair. The Cotton Bowl Stadium was built back in 1930 and still stands today.

Match 1: “Killer” Tim Brooks (w/ Gary Hart) versus “Cowboy” Steve Casey


  • With the help of referee Bronco Lubich, Casey flipped out of a top wristlock. Hart was not impressed whatsoever and berated Lubich for it.
  • Clothesline by Brooks put him in control.
  • However, a slam attempt by Brooks was countered into an inside cradle for 2.
  • After Brooks tossed Casey outside the ring, Hart rammed Casey shoulder-first into the ring post.
  • Back in the ring, Brooks gave Casey a shoulder breaker.
  • Leg drop by Brooks got the pin.

Rating: *

Summary: Short match that showcased Brooks.

Match 2: The Fantastics versus Dave Peterson and “Hollywood” John Tatum (w/ Missy Hyatt)


  • If you wondered why I chose to recap this show, the main reason was this match. Why? Because it marked the supershow debut of the gorgeous Missy Hyatt. Yummy!
  • For those unaware, Dave Peterson was also known as D.J. Peterson. Future reflections of AWA Superclashes will involve him.
  • In case you’re curious, Tatum took his nickname from Hollywood, FL rather than the motion picture capital of the world.
  • Tatum slammed Fulton to escape an arm bar.
  • In the meantime, Mercer informed us that “Ravishing” Rick Rude with his manager Percival Pringle will make his WCCW debut in the near future. Methinks Rude left Florida because some muscle-headed geek named Luger was about to start working there. I bet he becomes just another flash in the pan.
  • As Rogers tagged in, he delivered a leg drop to Peterson’s arm.
  • Fulton used hijinks to excite the crowd during a rest hold.
  • After Peterson put a knee in Rogers’ midsection, Missy yelled “Make it hurt!” Insert your own joke here.
  • Slam and elbow drop by Tatum got 2.
  • Test of strength from Peterson to Fulton got a pair of 2 counts.
  • Tatum got up on the ropes to egg on his partner, but Rogers shook the ropes in the opposite corner sending Tatum down to the turf.
  • After delivering a double axe handle from the second rope, Tatum got 2 on Fulton.
  • Tatum rolled up Fulton while Missy jawed with Rogers.
  • Knee lift by Fulton enabled him to make the hot tag.
  • Rogers took his opponents to dropkick city before giving Peterson a knee lift.
  • Tatum tossed Fulton outside the ring and mounted the top turnbuckle.
  • While Peterson held Rogers, Tatum tried another double axe handle but nailed Peterson.
  • A Fulton dropkick sent Tatum out of the ring.
  • In the meantime, Rogers mounted the top turnbuckle, hit the flying body press, and got the pin on Peterson.

Rating: ***

Summary: The Fantastics never disappoint as they pull off a great victory here.

After the match, Missy gets in Peterson’s face about losing the match. As she continues to berate him, Sunshine enters the ring, but Tatum grabs her by the hair and tosses her out of the ring. The scoundrel! Referee Rick Hazzard tries to restrain Sunshine and gets leveled.

Match 3: The Great Kabuki (w/ Sunshine) versus “Maniac” Mark Lewin


  • For those unaware, Sunshine is the cousin of “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin.
  • As Hart distracted referee Rick Hazzard, Lewin nailed Kabuki with the bell hammer.
  • Nerve hold by Lewin allowed the crowd to buy popcorn kept him in control.
  • Crescent kick by Kabuki sent Lewin through the ropes to the turf.
  • Lewin grabbed Mercer’s pen and jabbed it into Kabuki.
  • After kicking Lewin in the midsection, Kabuki mounted the second turnbuckle.
  • Hart shook the ropes sending Kabuki down to the mat.
  • Hazzard called for the bell disqualifying Lewin.

Rating: DUD

Summary:  Nothing to see here. Move along.

After the match, Hart enters the ring and receives a kick from Kabuki. Lewin and Hart then give Kabuki a double clothesline. After a pair of stomps, Hart tosses Hazzard out of the ring. Casey comes to Kabuki’s aid shooing Hart and Lewin from the ring. Kabuki re-enters the ring and decks Casey with a kick. After beating up Casey, Kabuki grabs Sunshine by the hair and tosses her down to the mat. Poor Sunshine! Before leaving, Kabuki kicked Ralph Pulley off the apron. WE HAVE A HEEL TURN!

Match 4: Kelly Kiniski versus Tommy Montana


  • Other than being the son of Gene Kiniski, Kelly’s other claim to fame in wrestling was being a former Mid-Atlantic tag team champion alongside the One Man Gang.
  • As Kiniski worked on Montana’s arm, he gave Montana a hammerlock slam similar to what the Andersons did to the Mulkey brothers among others.
  • Inverted atomic drop by Kiniski was followed by a guillotine on the top rope.
  • Flying clothesline by Kiniski got 2.
  • Speaking of Gene, he seconded his son at ringside and was finally shown on camera.
  • Piledriver by Kiniski, but Montana’s foot was on the bottom rope.
  • After tossing Montana to the turf, Kiniski conferred with his father for advice. Gene might have told him to play football at SMU since they paid their players.
  • Kiniski followed Montana outside the ring and rammed him head-first into the apron.
  • Rope-assisted abdominal stretch by Kiniski, but referee Rick Hazzard made him break the hold.
  • Bear hug by Kiniski who then tied Montana to the Tree of Woe.
  • Vertical suplex was followed by a knee drop that got 2.
  • Backbreaker got another 2 while a gutwrench suplex got a third 2-count.
  • Backbreaker #2 got the pin for Kiniski.

Rating: *1/2

Summary:  Showcase match for Kiniski.

Match 5 for the NWA Texas title: Brian Adias (champion) versus Jack Victory (w/ Gary Hart)


  • Hammerlock followed by a quick rollup got 2 for Adias.
  • As Victory placed a knee in Adias’ midsection, Mercer threatened us with the debut of Lance Von Erich.
  • Slam and elbow drop got 2 for Victory.
  • As Hart called for the clothesline, Victory followed suit but only got 2.
  • After Victory slammed Adias, he mounted the second turnbuckle, hit an elbow drop, but only got 2.
  • Adias came back with a dropkick.
  • He then applied the step over toe hold.
  • As Hart instructed Victory not to submit, the latter passed out from the pain and got pinned.
  • Adias retained his title.

Rating: **

Summary:  Not a great match, but the fans loved Adias.

Supposedly, there was a taped fist match for the NWA American title between champion “Iceman” King Parsons and the One Man Gang. Parsons won in the third round by countout. I think I’m glad this match wasn’t included.

Match 6 (hair versus hair/lumberjack): Kerry and Kevin Von Erich versus the Dynamic Duo


  • For those unaware, no, the Von Erichs are NOT facing Batman and Robin. Instead, they’re facing “Gentleman” Chris Adams and the “Handsome half-breed” Gino Hernandez.
  • Speaking of the Dynamic Duo, their entrance music was “Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood.
  • Ted Nugent’s “Stranglehold” played the Von Erichs to the ring.
  • Lance Von Erich was one of the lumberjacks. I don’t see the resemblance. For those unaware, Lance Von Erich was actually Kevin Vaughan who was substituting for the seriously ill Mike Von Erich. Let’s just say that WCCW fans noticed the lack of resemblance and felt like they were being cheated.
  • Adams ran down Kevin on the microphone before the match began.
  • A quick rollup by Kerry got 1 on Adams.
  • In a feat of great athleticism, Kevin tagged in, leaped from the apron to the top rope, and hammered Adams’ shoulder.
  • Sunset flip by Kevin got 2 on Hernandez.
  • Adams hit a clothesline on Kevin and got 1.
  • After a leapfrog, Kevin applied the Iron claw to Hernandez’s midsection. OUCH! I hope Hernandez didn’t have any brisket earlier.
  • While Kerry distracted referee David Manning, Adams leaped from the top rope and nailed Kevin.
  • Belly-to-back suplex by Adams got another 2 count.
  • Kerry tagged and nailed Adams with a discus punch.
  • He followed that with a back drop to Hernandez.
  • Adams ducked a clothesline by Kerry and punched him in the mouth.
  • Superkick by Adams almost got 3.
  • Kerry countered a vertical suplex with a sleeper.
  • After a commercial break, a false tag ensued.
  • Upon giving Kerry a cross-corner whip, Adams tried another superkick but missed.
  • Discus punch #2 only got 2.
  • Kerry gave Adams a cross-corner whip but hit his shoulder on the ring post on his follow-through.
  • Adams tossed Kerry outside the ring, and Hernandez hit him with a wooden chair.
  • Kerry used a sunset flip to re-enter the ring but got nailed by Adams.
  • A rollup off the ropes almost got the pin for Kerry on Adams.
  • As Chris Von Erich (the youngest brother of Kerry and Kevin) was shown, Hernandez applied a sleeper to Kerry.
  • Each man attempted a shoulder block, and it became a collision similar to those on I-35.
  • Both Kevin and Adams tagged in. Quickly, Kevin delivered a dropkick.
  • A slam by Kevin, but he missed the knee drop.
  • Vertical suplex by Adams got 2.
  • Kerry tagged in, and after a leapfrog, he applied the Iron claw to Adams’ head.
  • Hernandez immediately broke it up.
  • After Adams tossed Kevin over the top rope onto Mercer, he gave Kerry another superkick.
  • Adams then tossed powder in Kerry’s eyes.
  • Kevin re-entered the ring by climbing the top turnbuckle.
  • He then hit a flying body press for 2 on Adams.
  • As Lance assisted Kerry with powder removal, the Dynamic Duo hit a double clothesline on Kevin.
  • Hernandez tried to throw powder at Kevin, but got Adams instead.
  • Kerry rolled up Adams and got the pin!

Rating: ****

Summary: Exciting main event that rocked the stadium.

After the match, Hernandez tries to escape, but the lumberjacks restrain him. Meanwhile Adias, Casey, and Parsons take turns cutting Adams’ hair. Kerry has the clippers and shaves Adams’ head. As Kevin continues the shave job, the crowd chants “Baldie!” Now it’s Hernandez’s turn. However, he escapes only to be tackled by Chris who was only 16. Kevin uses the clippers and sheds Hernandez of his stylish mane. Kerry gets the second shift then Chris and Kevin finish the job.

Conclusion:  Between the Fantastics, Missy Hyatt, and the hair versus hair match, this is an exciting show. I must clamor for the WWE Network to add content like this to boost their subscriber count.

See you for NWA Battle of the Belts!

Buyrate: NONE

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