Stevie Richards

Hi Scott –

Quick question –

I’m an avid reader of your blog, and love the articles and especially the comments. However, I’ve noticed several references to “Just use Stevie Richards” or “Superimpose him with Stevie Cool”.

I’m assuming – based on context – they having something to do with Benoit, but so far I’m on the outside looking in. Can you shed some light on this?



Yeah, it wasn’t actually Benoit, it was the No Mercy game on N64. The main storyline borrowed the fourway main event from the real WM2000, but Big Show had been excised from the game as punishment for being fat.  So instead Steven Richards was put in his place, with all the same dialogue.  You can imagine how graceful that change came off. It was a running joke for years but really gained steam when Chris Benoit was removed retroactively from the WMXX main event on, because now the match was described as “Shawn Michaels, HHH and More!” So the assumption was that they had again just digitally removed someone and replaced them with Stevie.

And now you can say you know your memes.