Back Body Drops & Mania Locales

Hey Scott;

Hope all is well.
2 unrelated questions.
Watching old stuff on the network and the back body drop was a move that appeared in like every match. A simple spot that looked impressive.
Why did it go away? Was it decided to be unsafe? Not enough control during the fall? Or did it just become passé? I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen it in this era.

Why was Mania 22 back in Chicago at the AllState arena? I know it’s hosted several times and Chicago is a major market for them. But they’d already done huge arena shows in Toronto, Houston and Seattle for 17, 18 and 19. MSG for 20 made sense and I guess LA for 21 is what it is without really a suitable outdoor facility at the time. But a year after that they’re at Ford Field in Detroit with 80,000 and they’ve never looked back from the stadiums. I understand 20 and 21. But seems like 22 could have been back in a stadium.

​Flat back bumps in general have seemingly become phased out, probably for obvious reasons. Too many guys wrecking themselves on painkillers. I’ve noticed​ in recent years that guys are more likely to take a rolling or side bump. Sean Waltman used to take the best backdrops and now he’s barely able to move outside of his big spots.
​The WM22 arena is just because things are booked far in advance, and at the time they were setting up locations they just weren’t hot enough to justify a stadium show. It really took that 21 show with Cena getting the title to make Wrestlemania into the "event sells the show" feel that it needed to run stadiums again, I think. ​