Ring of Honor – September 9th, 2015


Let’s get the preliminaries out of the way here….

Well, first off, let’s go back to last week’s comments section!

Also, I’d like to point out the ROH has a really bad history with stuff like homophobia (Christopher Street Connection) and misplaced humor regarding sexual abuse (Larry Sweeney Show with Bobby Dempsey and Allison Danger), so I’m not surprised they found a way to wrap both into one feud.


Right on the money. I don’t really have a huge problem with a lot of things, but I have to admit that homophobia in wrestling is EXTREMELY tricky to do, and probably should just be left alone. The undertones of the Castle/Young feud aren’t exactly very subtle, and I think that after Castle went over 2 times, they could have called it on the feud instead of introducing this stipulation. Brocore didn’t even mention Jay Briscoe and his homophobic comments, while being the BABYFACE WORLD CHAMPION. My contention on this is simple – pro wrestling has always had homoerotic undertones (2 barely clothed men pretending to fight tends to bring that out), and one of the main ways they’ve chosen to address it is to confront it in mocking ways (witness JR and his Pat Patterson jokes); while I don’t really have a problem with some of it, as I think that everything can and should be made fun of so people don’t take themselves so seriously all the time, I do think that there is a time and a place and I’m not looking forward to the inevitable vignettes regardless of who wins at All-Star Extravaganza. Castle’s flamboyance is part of the character, as is Young’s old-school mentality on all things, but that’s as far as I wish it would go. ROH does not have a history of being progressive on this front, and this one feels like a loser regardless of who wins. I wouldn’t mind some discussion on this topic if people are up for it.

Second thing, Kyle Warne, can you shoot me an email? I have a question that you may be able to help with. [email protected]

Ring of Honor TV – 9/9/15

Up first, Truth Martini and Jay Lethal have some words for Roderick Strong; Jay thinks that Cheeseburger is more deserving of a shot than Roddy, and would probably be better! Uh, did he see Cheeseburger’s match last week? Or any of Cheeseburger’s matches ever? Anyway, Roderick Strong has a differing opinion – tonight, he says, he becomes a 2-time ROH Champion!

We are TAPED from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, PA! Your hosts are Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino. Tonight, it’s a special Championship edition of Ring of Honor! Jay Lethal defends the World Title against Roderick Strong in a rematch after their draw at Death before Dishonor 13! Also, the Young Bucks will challenge the Addiction for the World Tag team titles! In fact, that match starts…..now!

THE YOUNG BUCKS (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs THE ADDICTION (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian) (W/ CHRIS SABIN) – ROH TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH

Well, damn. I have a problem here, as I am in an exceptionally good mood today, plus I just watched a comp video of the Young Bucks continually superkicking the PWG announcer until he turned the tables on them the third time, and it was really quite delightful. It might be difficult for my grumpy old man tendencies to come out. Maybe the 5th or 6th time Corino yells ‘SUPERKICK!’ will do it. We’re reminded that 3 weeks ago, the Addiction gave the Young Bucks a proper beatdown, including a double superkick and a Metzler driver. Crowd is SOLIDLY behind the Bucks here. Champs get the full ‘Of the World’ intro, but as Daniels poses, the Bucks double superkick him into next week!

So, that’d be a ‘No’ on the Code of Honor, I suppose.

Ring that bell, referee! Bucks immediately hit Kaz with the neckbreaker/backbreaker combo and turn their attention to a recovering Daniels, as Matt alley-oops Nick over into a dropkick. Bucks whip Kazarian into the ropes, but Sabin grabs him and pulls him to safety. Daniels tosses Matt outside, but charges Nick and gets sent out himself. Nick slides to the apron and moonsaults Daniels on the floor. Kazarian grabs Nick from behind and Sabin attempts his own superkick, but Nick ducks and Sabin hits Kazarian. The referee saw these shenanigans, yes he did, and he’s decided that Sabin will have to watch the rest of this match from the back, because he’s ejected from ringside! Sabin is escorted to the back, but he gets past the refs and runs back out to plead his case, and is met with a double superkick from the Bucks. Now, the Bucks are back in with Daniels begging off, but that isn’t going to work. Bucks with fists and kicks, double whip off the ropes into a double hiptoss, the Bucks do stereo backflips and a double dropkick to a seated Daniels. Kazarian is back up on the ropes, so the Bucks get a headscissors and a kick to send him back to the floor. Daniels is back up in the corner, running clotheslines from both the Bucks lead to a do-si-do in the middle of the ring; Daniels backdrops Nick over the top rope to the apron, but eats a superkick from Matt as a result. Bucks set up Daniels on the ropes, but Kaz comes back and shoves Nick from the top rope to the floor, and Daniels sends Matt out as well. Split-legged moonsault from Daniels takes them down on the floor. Daniels sends Matt back in and Kazarian springs in with a DDT for a 2 count. Kazarian mounts Matt in the ring and starts throwing punches, while Daniels sends Nick to the rail; seems like as good a time as any to take a break for some ads!

We’re back with Daniels getting a leg lariat on Matt in the ring, then a side headlock with punches to the head by Daniels. Matt gets sent to the boot of Kazarian in the corner and snapmared. Daniels with the tag to Frankie, Daniels comes over the top rope with an elbow before Kaz comes in with a legdrop. Arrogant cover by Kaz gets 1. Frankie sends Matt to Daniels’ boot as Kelly says that next week in Chicago, the Young Bucks are going to take on Future Shock at an ROH live event. Now THAT is a Young Bucks match I would gladly pay to see. Tag to Daniels, Kazarian holds Matt wide open as Daniels takes his shot. Daniels with a suplex into a 1-kneed gutbuster. 2 elbows by Daniels, then he walks over Matt on the mat. Daniels puts Matt in a waistlock, and since the ropes are right there anyway, he decides to use them to rest his dogs and put his feet up. This goes on 2 more times until the referee catches on and forces a break. Daniels shoves Matt to the corner, forearm by Daniels. Cross-corner whip, but a blind charges results in Matt introducing his boot to Daniels’ face, then going up and getting a flipping stunner. Tag to Kaz by Daniels! Tag to Nick by Matt! Kaz misses a charge and gets a foot to the face from Nick, who runs across and knees Daniels in the face for good measure. He tells Kazarian to bring it, but catches Frankie’s foot and gets a spinning back elbow, followed by a charge to the corner and 2nd-rope dropkick to Daniels on the apron. Kazarian charges again, and once again gets a boot to the face; Nick spins out of the ring and gets a tornado DDT to Daniels on the floor. Back in, shoulderblock from Nick and he comes in with a facejam on Kaz. 1,2, no! Tag to Matt, and the Bucks whip Kaz to the corner. He avoids Nick and sends him to the apron, but that allows the Bucks to get a clothesline/enzugiri combo in the corner. Matt gets a running start and cannonballs Kaz in the corner as Nick kicks him in the back of the head again, and Nick heads to the top. Rope-assisted swanton bomb by Nick! 1,2, Daniels breaks it up! Daniels ducks a Nick spinkick and drops him. Matt fires and charges, but Kaz is back, and he and Daniels get the powerbomb/neckbreaker combo for a 2 count. They send Matt off the ropes, but duck down for  a double backdrop and Matt superkicks Kaz! Daniels avoids one of his own and gets a uranage on Matt, then heads up. Best Moonsault Ever from Daniels gets….I think Matt Jackson’s knees? Camera angle wasn’t great on that one, but he missed, let’s go with that. Running knee on Daniels by Nick in the corner! He charges Kaz, but Kaz alley-oops him over the top rope, then ducks a wild right and brings him back in with a slingshot cutter. Kaz looks to get up, but Matt gets him square with a superkick and everybody’s down. Nick charges Daniels up against the ropes, but gets backdropped to the floor. Matt sends Chris with an Irish Whip, but Daniels catches himself on the top rope and hits Matt with a boot to the face on a Matt Jackson charge. Kaz holds Matt, and Daniels comes off the second rope in a test of strength position to slam Jackson to the mat, and follows up with a suicide dive onto Nick on the outside. Kaz gets a jumping flatliner on Matt in the ring, and slaps on a half-nelson/bodyscissors choke, but on the outside, it’s The Kingdom! They attack Daniels on the outside, and Kaz is PISSED. He points this out to the ref, who didn’t see a thing. Back in the ring, Kaz avoids a superkick with a legsweep and goes for a jackknife pin. 1,2, but Matt bridges out of it. He goes for the backslide and Nick is back and superkicks him into it! Matt powerbombs Kaz into the corner with Nick adding the kick to the head, and Bucks say that’s it, time for the Indytaker….but Nick chooses instead to moonsault The Kingdom on the floor! Kelly and Corino had been talking up the problems between CHAOS and Bullet Club over in Japan, so it does make sense; but they get set up and hit the Indytaker for real this time, which results in Daniels recovering enough to pull the referee out before he hits 3, which the crowd was ready to go BATSHIT for. Daniels tells the ref that Maria did it, while Nick goes to the apron and kicks Taven in the face. The Bucks call for another finisher on Kaz, but Daniels has the belt and gets a beltshot on Nick. Matt avoids it, however, and gets a superkick on Daniels. Matt has the belt now, and Daniels takes a beltshot! Bennett is up on the apron, and HE takes a beltshot! Matt sets up to hit Frankie, but Maria steals the belt back; crowd wants Maria to eat a superkick, and Matt looks happy to oblige….until Kazarian comes to, grabs Matt from behind, and rolls him up with a handful of tights for a 3 count. (The Addiction over The Young Bucks, pinfall, 11:34)

WOULD YOU WATCH IT AGAIN, RICK? Goddamn, I was actually having some FUN with this match all the way up until that bullshit finish, honestly. Daniels and Kaz were reigning the Bucks in and having a pretty decent match until all the extracurricular fuckery started with The Kingdom. I mean, I know that we’re a week out from the PPV, so I didn’t need a clean finish, per se, but multiple beltshots and a rollup finish is what we get from Raw. Anyway, YES, I think this one was going along well enough to watch again, but man that finish sucked.

Post-match shenanigans? We’ve got ‘em! From the back, Nigel is out and he’s not going to stand for this nonsense, no sir! Chris, when you started this company, it was built on having a clean winner and a clean loser! Heh, Nigel just called the Kingdom ‘wankers’. He thinks the Bucks still deserve a World Title shot! But when? Perhaps he should take away the Kingdom’s title shot and give it to the Bucks, but he can’t do it because they have a contract…..so he’s going to solve it his way, and give the Bucks a title shot….in a triple threat match at All-Star Extravaganza! We’ve still got a World Title match tonight, but for now, we’ve got these ads!

Did you know that Dalton Castle’s shirt will change your life? Order now!

Time for Inside ROH, with Mandy. This week, we’re going to recap Castle and Silas Young’s feud. First, Castle won at Best in the World, then he cut a promo telling Silas that HE was the last real man. Then, Castle beat Young on ROH tv, and that was the last straw for Young, who wants the boys on the line in their next match! Let’s go to Dalton’s promo from last week, where he agreed to put the boys on the line if Silas will put himself on the line to become one of the boys. Young’s rebuttal? Those boys are going to learn to be MEN. They’re going to learn to chop wood, they’re going to learn to put a broad in her place! Um, okay. They may be rude, they may be misogynistic, but they’ll be MEN! Well, there you go. I’ve said my piece on this feud, and maybe I’m wrong, I dunno. I’ll think about it during these ads!

Time for our main event! Here comes Roderick Strong, and here come the streamers! And now, “We are…the House of Truth!” means that Jay Lethal and the rest of the House of Truth are heading to the ring.  The announcers remind us that Lethal and Strong went 60 minutes without a winner, so we’re going to do it again right now. We recap Lethal’s win over Hanson last week, and the announcers continue to push whether or not Lethal is spreading himself too thin by defending both titles.


Dueling ‘Let’s go Lethal/Let’s go Roddy’ chants. Ton of time left here. Code of Honor is followed, but neither man wants to let go. Finally, both of them just say ‘screw it’ and drop the handshake and unload with rights and lefts on each other! Strong off the ropes, leapfrog over Lethal, running clothesline by Strong. Chops to Lethal, they trade chops and strikes in the corner. Lethal sends him off the ropes and gets a big hiptoss. He cartwheels around, but Roderick catches him with a double-leg, but Lethal fights it and kicks Strong out of the ring. They’re letting it hang out there, really firing at each other. Strong tries to slide back in, but Lethal gets a dropkick to keep him out. Lethal off the ropes and gets a tope to send Strong to the barricade. 1 more time, sayeth Jay? Sure, but this time Strong gets back in the ring and fires a beautiful dropkick to the face of Lethal, sending him out of the ring and sending us to our first ad break of the match.

We’re back with Lethal and Strong exchanging chops on the outside. Strong gets the advantage and sends Lethal to the barricade. Replays show how gorgeous that dropkick really was, he caught Lethal flush. Back in, Strong doesn’t even get a one count on Lethal. Chop puts Lethal back down, and Strong looks for a suplex, but Lethal elbows out. Suplex attempt by Lethal is reversed by Strong and he drops Lethal face first. Charge by Strong, but Lethal ducks out and Truth is on the apron, so Strong charges him and he drops off. Lethal comes at Strong, but Strong drops down and Lethal goes over the top to the floor. Roddy dives through the ropes feet first, but Dijak and Diesel catch him, Roddy fights him off, and fires kicks at Lethal. Not enough though, as Lethal regains control with a superkick on Strong. He sends Strong to the barricade. Chop by Lethal, and he sends Strong’s head to the mat. Strong gets sent back in and Lethal drops an elbow from the apron to Strong. We’re back in the ring and Lethal slaps on the chinlock. Strong fights out and they exchange shots in the center of the ring, and Strong chops him down. Strong gets caught with a fireman’s carry by Lethal and he drops Strong on the top turnbuckle with Snake Eyes. Jay stops to be perturbed at the fans chanting for Strong, and sends Strong to the other corner’s top turnbuckle, face-first. Lethal mounts the ropes and fires punches, ending with an elbow to Strong’s head. Cross-corner whip and Strong goes down. Lethal gets 2 and then a chinlock after that, and Strong is busted open. Strong gets back to his feet, so Lethal just throws him down again. That gets 2, and now Jay puts the chinlock on again. Strong fights up again, so Lethal tosses him to the outside. Lethal ties up the ref, so Dijak goes over to put the boots to Strong on the outside. Lethal poses, and that’s our cue for another ad break!

We’re back and Jay is going for the Lethal Injection, but Strong catches him and gets a backbreaker! Strong takes Lethal to the corner with chops and keeps on chopping until I lose count and Lethal slumps in the corner. This match must have been SEVERELY clipped, because they’re definitely looking more fatigued than even a minute or two would show. Roddy charges, but Lethal gets the foot up. Lethal goes up, but Strong is there to pull the leg out from under him and catch him….but Lethal elbows and chops out. He goes to run the ropes, but Strong follows him in with a knee to the midsection. Strong comes off the ropes with Lethal leaning on them and hits 5 running elbows on Lethal. Gets him up, twisting suplex! 1,2, no! Strong looks for a suplex, but Lethal collapses, so Strong just knees him in the face. Awesome. Double underhook, but Lethal counters out, Strong tries the jumping knee, but Lethal avoids that too, and gets a superkick. Lethal Combination! 1,2, no! Lethal puts Strong on the top rope in the corner, but Strong fights off the superplex and sends Lethal down. Kelly and Corino are pushing the possibility of a time-limit draw again, bringing up Flair/Windham as an example. Strong is on the top rope? That’s not normal for him….Hail to the King on Lethal! 1,2, no! Both guys are down in the middle of the ring; they get to their knees and fire exhausted shots at each other. Lethal gets back to his feet, but Strong shoves him from his knees and tells him to bring it on. Shots by Lethal, but Strong gets back to his feet and they’re trading chops and fists on their feet. Lethal fires, but Strong gets a jumping knee! Strong with a running start, running knee to Lethal in the corner! He sets Lethal up for the superplex….hits it and rolls through, but Lethal had it scouted and gets a small package! 1,2, no! Jumping knee by Strong again! Lethal comes back with a superkick! Lethal wants the Lethal Injection, off the ropes….Strong goes around and gets the sick kick! 1,2, no! Holy SHIT, I thought that might have been it for a brief second there. I think I’ll take the time to recover on this final ad break!

We’re back and the Book of Truth is in the middle of the ring. The ref goes to get rid of it, and that allows Lethal to come at Strong with the belt, but Strong gets another jumping knee! Jumping knee to Diesel on the apron! Dropkick through the ropes to Dijak! Another running knee to Lethal in the corner! Fireman’s carry by Strong, but Lethal elbows out and gets a superkick. 2nd superkick by Lethal, but Strong stays on his feet! Lethal unwraps his wrist tape, but the ref takes it away…..which allows Lethal to get the beltshot on Strong! Lethal Injection! 1,2, NO!!! Even Jay Lethal can’t believe it! Crowd chants ‘Roddy!’ and I’m starting to believe….but that’s short-lived as Lethal gets a superkick on Strong, and a 2nd Lethal Injection! 1,2,3. (Jay Lethal over Roderick Strong, pinfall, 16:40)

WOULD YOU WATCH IT AGAIN, RICK? Good god, YES. Started really slow, with the chinlocks in the middle especially, but the last 5-7 minutes of the match was just two guys beating the shit out of each other because they wanted the belt so badly. They played off avoiding each other’s big moves because of how much they’ve wrestled each other, which I also enjoyed as part of the story. I hated that the beltshot was a part of the finish in any way, but I can live with it.

Post-match, because ROH knows I need my fix, Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish are out to stare Lethal down, and we’re just a week away from All-Star Extravaganza, where Lethal will have to defend both of his titles against reDRagon! And O’Reilly wants da belt!

FINAL THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: On the one hand, one of the things I love about ROH is that screwjobs are minimal most of the time, and we had a bunch of that type of stuff tonight. On the other hand, more than half the show was wrestling, and it was pretty GOOD wrestling, to boot. This show gets a solid thumbs-up all the way around, but I’d really like to watch the whole Strong/Lethal match at some point.

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