Defending WM 9

Hi Scott,

Just to play Devil’s Advocate, at the very least, was having Bret lose to Yoko the worst decision in the world?

I’m as big a Hart fan as the next guy but Vince didn’t really seem to know what to do with him, initially. He had held the title for 6 months and hadn’t had one feud. There really wasn’t anyone on the horizon outside of maybe Lex (Giant Gonzalez?). Plus beating Yoko at WM meant killing him right there, when he was just gaining momentum.

On the other end, beating Bret gave us 2 awesome Hart feuds for 1993, neither of which would really been main event feud, and set the stage for the BROTHER WARS. Meanwhile Yoko was able to squash Hulk and be a monster heel for an extra year before switching back to Bret. Plus, from what I understand he did good business with UT, ignoring artistic issues with the feud. Heck, the only issue I have with everything was they probably should’ve just did Yoko winning from WM9 and just squashing Hulk at KOTR, rather than giving that disgusting racist another title run.


​My problem is that it wasn’t the right time for Bret to lose. He got no chance to establish himself as champion and gave no real benefit to Yokozuna in defeat. It just felt like something that was done to facilitate the Hogan switch, and then they came up with the Luger turn afterwards. Every other babyface champion got to slay the dragon at Wrestlemania up until that point, there was very little reason not to give Bret the same courtesy. ​