WWF Wrestling Challenge October 25th, 1987

October 25, 1987

From the Veterans Memorial Arena in Green Bay, WI

Your hosts are Bobby Heenan and Gorilla Monsoon

In action this week we will see Strike Force, Ted DiBiase, Randy Savage, and Demolition. Plus, the debut of the Ultimate Warrior and the “Girls in Cars” music video from the “Piledriver” album.


Van Van Horne vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth

The crowd explodes for Savage. Savage works over Van Horne while Gorilla tells us that both Savage and the Honky Tonk Man will captain teams against each other during the “Survivor Series.” Van Horne backpedals but Savage catches him and beats Van Horne against the ropes. Van Horne gets tossed through the ropes before Savage flies out with a double axe handle. Savage then rolls Van Horne back inside and sets him up for the flying elbow drop and the win (2:59).

Thoughts: Savage remains insanely over with the crowds. His feud with Honky really carried the company through the Fall.


We get a replay of the “WWF Update” about Bam Bam Bigelow from a few weeks ago where he is shown beating everyone he has faced on television.


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Tony Parks

Before the match, DiBiase makes fun of the Packers for being in last place. Match starts with Parks taking DiBiase down after a pair of armdrags. DiBiase takes a breather outside before going back in and chopping Parks down. He beats on Parks in the corner for a bit then inflicts some more punishment as Gorilla notes how DiBiase is looking for tougher competition. DiBiase hits a vertical suplex and a powerslam before getting the win with a scorpion death lock (2:55).

Thoughts: DiBiase looked good here as they hinted that he would finally be facing some competition.


Gene Okerlund is talking about the Survivor Series and runs down some of the matches before bringing out Jimmy Hart. Okerlund lists the competitors on Honky’s team (Ron Bass, Harley Race, Danny Davis, Hercules) and Savage’s team (Ricky Steamboat, Brutus Beefcake, Jim Duggan, and Jake Roberts) then Honky comes out and puts over his team before running down his opponents. Basic promo here but we did learn who would be part of the teams of this match.


Strike Force vs. Steve Lombardi & Tom Stome

Martel beats on both guys in the corner before tagging Santana. Lombardi tags after Stone failed against Santana and he does not fare any better. Gorilla tells us that Bam Bam Bigelow is on the cover of the new “WWF Magazine” as Strike Force remain in control. Heenan makes fun of Strike Force, saying they cannot compete with the Islanders, as Santana is beating on Stone until he gets taken down with an eye rake. However, he fails and Strike Force gets the win shortly after that with a flying forearm courtesy of Santana (5:00).

Thoughts: Way too long for a squash match and as a result, the crowd completely lost interest. They could have easily shaved a minute or two off of this match.


Okerlund is now with Hulk Hogan, who is flexing in front of the camera. Hogan then tells us that the greatest day was when he defeated Andre the Giant and at the Survivor Series they will face each other again. Hogan promises to eliminate Andre’s team one-by-one until just Andre is left.


Terry Gibbs vs. Ultimate Warrior

Warrior gets an entrance but just walks down the aisle while mildly shaking the ropes. Gibbs attacks him before the bell as Gorilla puts over his physique. Warrior shoves Gibbs off then hits a hiptoss. Warrior works the arm then catches Gibbs with a slam as we get an insert promo from Warrior, telling us to look in his eyes and jump on his back as he takes us through the wall then flexes as he tells us the “power of the warrior” floats through his veins. Warrior hits Gibbs with a clothesline then hits a press slam before getting the win with a splash (1:38).

Thoughts: Warrior looked like he did not belong in the ring here. He wrestled in slow motion the entire time. Its interesting seeing him at the beginning as he did not have his trademark entrance or signature moves and was wrestling as your run-of-the-mill babyface here, mixed in with some power moves.


Craig DeGeorge is on the interview platform with Jimmy Hart, who he says will be a busy man at Survivor Series. Hart then runs down all of the clients that will be on the show, putting them over in the process. DeGeorge then taunts Hart by reminding him about Matilda as Hart promises to take care of the dog.


We get a clip of Jim Johnston as he talks about writing the songs on the “Piledriver” album before introducing us to the “Girls in Cars” music video.


Demolition w/ Mr. Fuji vs. Sonny Rogers & Chris Zarna

Demolition overpower the jobbers as we get an insert promo from the Young Stallions, putting over how tough it will be at the Survivor Series. Demolition now beat down Zarna as Fuji is shown smiling outside of the ring. Zarna continues to get his ass kicked until Demolition puts him out of misery with the Decapitation (4:05).

Thoughts: Another squash that went on for too long.


Okerlund is backstage with the Killer Bees. Brunzell has on the mask. Okerlund asks them about the tag team match at the Survivor Series while Blair tells us that man lives to survive before coming up with a few other corny clichés.


Next week in action we will see Hulk Hogan. In action we will see the New Dream Team & Johnny V. vs. Koko B. Ware and the Killer Bees. Also, we will see the debut of the Bolsheviks and the featured match of Brutus Beefcake vs. Honky Tonk Man in a non-title match.


Final Thoughts: The show really went all out in selling the Survivor Series format and I thought it was fine overall. We found out the teams that will be lead by Savage and Honky as well. Plus, for historical purposes, we had the debut of the Ultimate Warrior. And in a minor note, the backgrounds of the insert promos have been changed as it looks a lot more modern, almost like a 3D background that appears as if the wrestlers have clouds in the background.