Value of Fantastic 4 Movie Rights

Hi, Scott. Despite the hostility between Fox and Marvel, what would be a fair price range for the movie rights to the Fantastic 4 that would make financial sense for both parties?

Also, what did you think of the new Fantastic 4 movie (if you saw it)?

​Dude, I only got a chance to see Ant-Man this past weekend as it is, no way I’m wasting valuable time on Fantastic Four.

I think Marvel is kind of going scorched earth with the FF as it is, given their cancellation of the title and abandoning of the property in the comics in general. If Fox doesn’t want to play ball, they’ll just make sure no one will have interest in a new movie, I think. One thing that I heard discussed on Pat the NES Punk’s podcast was that Fox wants to do an X-Men TV show, but doesn’t actually hold the rights to do so because their deal only extends to MOVIES. So maybe they can just broker a trade, with Marvel agreeing to let them do it in exchange for the same kind of deal that Sony made for Spider-Man? Really, as long as Marvel has some oversight in the next project to prevent whatever Josh Trank did to the script, I think that would be sufficient. ​