Random Question about the Road Dogg


Following up on an earlier question you got…the WWE wanted to push Roadie/Road Dogg as a singles star in 1995 and 1996, when no one bought him at all. Like you, I find that confusing – especially any effort related to the 1996 "Real Double J" character, which was utter trash.

However, what I find even more confusing…is if you fast forward two/three years later…the Road Dogg is arguably the most popular member of DX (seriously, listen to the pops the guy gets…he had the crowd eating out of his hand every time) and after the group breaks up, he gets shoved down the card. His less charismatic tag partner gets a feud with the Rock, Triple H shoots up the card, and even X-Pac (w/ Kane) is involved in a prominent feud with the Undertaker and Big Show.

How come they didn’t want to push him then? I am not saying he should have been a main eventer, but it’s weird they had big plans for him when he sucked and not when he was actually really good. He should have at least gotten all the chances his partner got to succeed on his own. Was it anything other than his drug and alcohol problem?

​No, you got it on the first guess. He was pretty much so unreliable by 2001 that they just couldn’t continue to push him. Which is kind of hilarious because they knew about all that shit in 1995 when they first wanted to push him in the first place, and then he got fired for alleged drug issues, and then they BROUGHT HIM BACK just a few months later! I mean, by 2000 the guy was so blatant about airing his dirty laundry that he’d go on TV basically bragging about how much pot he smoked. I guess Vince just really really liked the guy and saw something in him to put up with it. ​