RF Video Shoot Interview with Ivory

This was released in 2010.

It was conducted by Rob Feinstein

The Interview runs at one hour and fifty-four minutes long


Ivory is first asked how she got started in wrestling. Ivory said she did not grow up a fan but her brother watched and would perform moves on her then talks about being a cheerleader for the USFL one year and how some of them had an audition for a all ladies wrestling show that was held in a boxing gym in Watts, CA and her friend talked her into going.


She said that Mondo Guerrero taught them how to bump and told them they had no pay attention, not laugh, and to avoid laying on the ropes. Ivory said one day a few girls started to laugh and play on the ropes, not paying attention at all,  so he decided to take one of them down and work her arm as they proceeded to cry. At that point, Ivory thought he was a cool guy and eventually they got sign for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW).


Ivory talks some more about Mondo and aid she felt bad for him as he was stuck with a lot of girls who were not athletic or passionate and how he had to train them to wrestle. She also talks about training with others and how she liked that as you could rise above the others and motivate yourself.


On her first match, Ivory said they were at a banquet hall in Las Vegas that was poorly lit. She said her adrenaline was going strong and after her first bump, she had no idea what to do next and said they were invited back after they sold the footage of these matches and that was when she signed a contract for GLOW.


She talks about all the girls in GLOW being inexperienced and how the creator, David McLaine, did a spinoff called POW that had a few veteran wrestlers that they also toured with.


On the politics and “cattiness” in GLOW, Ivory said she experienced that in the WWE because of the environment as GLOW was a much smaller company.


Ivory said she became partnered with Ashley Cartier and how they were the “T&A” of the show as she was given the name “Tina Ferrari.”


After GLOW and POW ended, Ivory went to Japan and did a tour stating she felt scared there so she worked a bunch of jobs, primarily for Revlon, until the WWF brought her in for a date and after that, she worked with them full-time.


Ivory got a call from Howard Brody, at the recommendation of Jim Cornette, because the WWF needed a good-looking girl to take a bump in Phoenix. She got to be one of the Godfather’s hos and after that she started to work more for the WWF while still working for Revlon until she went full-time.


She talks about how she saw Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan at a convention in the 80’s then said she was blown away when she first got to the WWF as she saw all the production values. Ivory said Luna Vachon opened up to her as they saw each other in the past but the rest of the women were cold towards her at first.


Ivory talks about the people she worked with at first. She likes Mark Henry, saying he was funny and very respectful. Ivory said that working with Jacqueline was rough as she was very stiff, something she was with everyone. Ivory also liked working with Jeff Jarrett and said that Debra was easy to work with because of how over she was with the crowds.


On Chyna, Ivory said she would pick someone to buddy-up with. At first, Chyna hung around with Miss Kitty then she hung around with Tori as Ivory talks about how Tori changed after that and their relationship was “scary weird.” Ivory then talks about how there is an immediate sisterhood in wrestling and to put yourself outside of that is a stupid decision. Chyna would apparently shove others luggage aside saying it was her spot and how she was there first.


She now talks about getting slopped and doing gimmick matches, stating that she hated them. Ivory then says that looking back, she should have been less uptight and just went with the flow.


Ivory talks about Terri Runnels and how she could look hot no matter what situation and could do anything wearing heels.


On if things changed when Stephanie McMahon joined the company, Ivory liked her being there as her innocence was a welcome presence but when that changed and she became more involved in the production of the show it was the “beginning of the ugly.” She talks about the writers and how quickly they came and went. Ivory said that its a learning curve and that she does not know how Stephanie was put in that position then talks about how it is a shame to see people change while they are in the business.


She is asked about others girls. Ivory didn’t know Torrie Wilson too much but said she had a really dry, sarcastic sense of humor. She talks about not getting off on a good foot with the WCW girls when they came in, like Stacy Keibler. Ivory never had a problem with Sable, unlike Chyna or Jacqueline. Ivory said that Sable was always pleasant to her and added a lot to the show.


Ivory talks about loving to watch guys like Christian, Big Bossman, and Scotty 2 Hotty. She then talks about how no match, skit, or segment could go wrong with Steve Austin. IVory didnt think the Rock got a big head when he became a movie star.


She says that the WWE is a sexist company as its a guys company and how its even sexist against guys too as she said it can be for beautiful people only.


Ivory said HHH is a great wrestler but thinks that he is a great supporting actor and not a leading man, stating when he became a leader, he was not as effective. Ivory then suggests that he should have worked with someone to help get his charisma out as he did not have the “it” factor. She then talks about not ever wanting to marry someone into the business as you never get a break and it is stressful.


On working with Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah, Ivory did not like working with them because of their age and she was afraid or hurting them. Ivory did not like Miss Kitty much and said she was the beginning of “sinking the womens division” as she did not have much talent and was only known for showing her tits.


The Right to Censor group started as a spoof when the WWE had to deal with censors from UPN when Smackdown began. Ivory had fun doing the gimmick but they were all mad as they felt the WWE dropped the ball with that.


Ivory liked working with Lita because she was over but that she was not really all that easy to work with and during the matches she was not always in the right spot. Ivory put over Trish Stratus for being eager to learn and instilling confidence in her opponents something Lita was not. Ivory puts over Trish for working extremely hard.


She then talks about talking with Chyna they day she broke up with HHH. Chyna was crying in the bathroom while Ivory told her she can stay here in a good spot or branch out and do something else if she wants. Ivory then talks about pitying someone who is marrying into the company, like HHH, and that they are now stuck for life and have a tremendous amount of pressure.


On her match against Chyna at WrestleMania X-Seven, Ivory said she wished she kicked out of Chyna’s pin, even stating that Steve Austin told her backstage he didnt like the way Chyna covered her.


Regarding Tough Enough and if it exposed the business, Ivory said it didnt and thought the show was awesome. She also said it showed how hard wrestling was and took the business to a whole new audience, citing aunts and uncles of hers that never watched wrestling were fans of the show. On it exposing the business, Ivory said that Vince McMahon himself came out and said it was entertainment as she says most of wrestling is bad entertainment so she doesnt see how it exposed anything.


On the second season, Ivory said that it was the weirdest group of kids in that cast. She talks about how they went to Africa and how they went there for free and it was a once in a lifetime experience but the cast just goofed around and did not appreciate where they were. Ivory said that Linda Miles should have been something but was too in love with herself, which ultimately led to getting her fired.


When asked about the incident on Tough Enough where Bob Holly roughed up Matt Cappotelli, Ivory said that Holly would never intentionally hurt someone and it was just a little blood, which isnt going to kill you.


Ivory loved working with Victoria, saying that she is a great person. She also feels bad that she never got to have her big moment as she was really just a “workhorse.”


She talks about working in OVW for a little bit. The first time she was there Rip Rogers was the trainer then the second time it was Al Snow among others and thought it was fun. She worked with Mickie James and Jillian Hall.


On announcing, Ivory said that one day they had her call a match out of the blue, which is what she says the WWE does a lot of the time. She talks about how she just messed around a lot. She talks about towards the end she just bullshitted about liking stuff because she did not like the product.


After the WWE, she worked the indy scene for a bit but said she wasnt very thrilled about it and felt like a “helpful grandma” so she decided to teach some of of the younger, aspiring talents.


She talks about missing being part of everyone lives in the WWE but does not miss much else about being on the road.


Today, Ivory works with animals and does day-care and grooming with dogs and cats. She jokes about getting more bruises and scratches doing that than wrestling.


Her favorite girls to work with were Molly Holly, because she was giving and smart, Victoria for being strong and fun to work with, and Trish Stratus, because she is so good at everything she does and for how proud she is of Trish of getting to where she did.


Regarding the Chris Benoit tragedy, Ivory said at that point she stopped watching wrestling as she couldnt stand all of the media and talk about wrestling deaths. She said a bad thing happened to good people and how 95% of this is probably the result of his environment.


On her favorite “Rib” stories, Ivory talks about how once Lillian Garcia was driving a few of them around and pretending that the car ran out of gas. She talks about liking seeing the guys fight, talking about how Steve Blackman and JBL fought at an airport luggage carousel. Ivory also said that Crash Holly would flip out on fans when they asked for autographs.


The interview closes with Ivory thanking the fans for making the wrestlers as big as they are today.


Final Thoughts: Overall, this interview was okay I suppose. Ivory is extremely talkative and would go on longer than necessary at times, occasionally veering off topic. However, she did share some insight into the women’s locker room during her WWE run and I found that the most interesting of all.

Ivory was not afraid to share her opinions. When that happened the interview was good. Unfortunately, that was not always the case. I did come away liking her after the interview was over as she seems like a good person and a decent human being.

Unless you are really interested in learning about the WWE womens locker room during the Attitude Era, I cant really recommend this interview to you.


You can purchase the DVD of this shoot for $12 (currently on sale until 9/8) or the digital download for $9.99 by clicking on the links below