Another 1991 Question

Hello Scott,

The blog seemed pretty fired up about those random 1991 questions a few days ago so I thought I’d follow up with a similar question. It involves the Ultimate Warrior-Undertaker feud. Despite some of its more cartoonish aspects, I have very fond memories of this feud. First, it was dark for the time and as a kid just entering junior high, that appealed to my friends and I, who were getting tired of the kid-friendly WWF. Second, it was the perfect vehicle for elevating The Undertaker, who was clearly getting over, to the top of the card. And give Warrior credit for showing some ass. Much like Earthquake-Hogan a year earlier, the WWF was not afraid to make a guy who just lost the WWF Championship look vulnerable. Taker would almost certainly gotten over as a main eventer one way or the other but this feud sealed the deal. And I’ve even read that it outdrew Hogan-Slaughter on the house show circuit in the summer of 1991.

Anyhoo, my question is about who was supposed to "win" the feud. As many have noted on the blog, it wasn’t unusual at the time for the WWF to wrap up feuds at house shows rather than PPV’s. So I get that ​​
it didn’t main event Summerslam. But, reading, the feud was booked to continue well after Summerslam if Warrior had stayed (the Warrior-Jake feud was already established on TV but their house show matches weren’t supposed to start until early October, IIRC). Throughout September 1991, the WWF ran numerous house show main events of Sid taking the Warrior’s place vs. Undertaker in body bag/coffin matches. Given that Undertaker was being built up for PPV title matches at Survivor Series and Tuesday in Texas, it seems unlikely that they’d job him out around the horn right before the PPV’s. Yet, I can’t see Warrior doing jobs for anyone, even a rising star like Taker. Prior to Summerslam, Warrior beat Undertaker like a drum at house shows (the Toronto match made a Coliseum Home Video tape and the MSG match is still available today). Surely they wouldn’t job one of their top heels back-to-back in every major city, right? Do you have any insight in how these post-Summerslam matches were supposed to go?

​Not specifically, but much like you I can’t imagine Warrior doing a bunch of jobs to Undertaker when he was already in a cranky mood about payoffs and his position on the card and such. And I distinctly remember PWI bitching that Undertaker was getting a title shot based off a bunch of losses to the Warrior and the Bulldog, so obviously they didn’t care so much about protecting Undertaker at that point. So logically I’d guess that Warrior was going to win.