JJ and Heel Logic

Hi Scott,

What was the logic of the “JJ is a phony” storyline. I mean, I’ve never understood heel psychology completely but it seems the point is to get people to dislike you and if JJ “can’t” sing, then shouldn’t that make he dislike him, thus making him a bigger heel and more over in WCW? If I had to choose between booing the country singer who can’t sing and the one who can, wouldn’t I boo the bad singer?

What was WWF hoping to accomplish?

In fact, they were trying to get Roadie over as a top level babyface star, and that had been the original goal since their aborted feud at Summerslam 95. I personally have no idea what they saw in him besides the charisma and Armstrong lineage, but they were sure determined to try. The stuff in 96 with Jarrett after he left was more just trying to portray WCW as getting the WWF’s leftovers and guys who couldn’t cut it.

As I’ve mentioned before in the rants, there was a bizarre trend during the down period of the 90s of people playing fake versions of other characters, like fake Diesel and Ramon, fake Undertaker, and then “the real” Double J. And it never worked.