Confused about the HHH/Sting/Rollins deal

I don’t mean to be a snarky fan this time. I only follow WWE through your blog these days, but I honestly just don’t understand this HHH/Sting/Rollins feud and was hoping you could explain it.

Okay, so I get that Sting originally came to WWE as a vigilante hell-bent on stopping HHH, who he perceived as being a tyrannical leader reminiscent of the authority figures who helped kill WCW. I thought that was actually a pretty solid basis for Sting to enter WWE (it’s not great, as he could have then theoretically returned at any earlier period to oppose Bischoff, or any of the other 1,000 heel authority figures, but I’ll give them a pass here because it was logical enough).

The biggest problem is that his latest return doesn’t make any sense whatsoever given what’s happened since then with all the characters. The storytelling has been a convoluted, inconsistent mess.

When HHH shook his hand after an epic war, it was good storytelling in theory, but it was rendered moot when the HHH character was shown to be the the exact same in his confrontation with Rock later in the very same night. From a pure storyelling standpoint, that alone should have brought Sting back if he was going to ever return because it showed that his mission wasn’t over, and this mission was the sole reason he had come to WWE after spending years in "obscurity."

Nonetheless, we now have Sting being granted a title shot by the same man who was opposed by him for months for being an evil tyrant, which he still is (a fact that Sting doesn’t seem all that bothered by suddenly!). At the same time, we also have Sting sounding like a total moron for talking about HHH shaking his hand while seeming to forget that HHH openly disrespected him to Rock on the same night and has shown zero redeeming qualities in the months since WM.

The storytelling is even worse when you factor in HHH seeming to support the smarmy, vile Seth Rollins character but at the same time confusingly putting all the odds against him by granting title shots to top babyface characters like Lesnar and Sting in the first place. To the average viewer, HHH is kind of bad because he has screwed the top faces (firing guys like Ziggerl, Rusev, etc.) and still supports the clear heel character Rollins, who ruined Wrestlemania, stole the title, etc. etc. but he is kind of good for putting the same hated character in situations where he might lose.

We have a clear heel Rollins, a confusing heel HHH who is stacking the odds against the top heel for no clear reason, and a moronic babyface Sting who is winless in his WWE career. How can I care about any of this?!

​Well 10% of the audience on Monday nights sure stopped caring and no longer watches, so maybe if more of them do the same then they’ll actually pay attention and change. You do have to keep in mind, of course, that most of the show is about getting HHH and Stephanie over, not Sting or Rollins or any of those other minor characters. ​Once you accept that, it’ll go down smoother.