Survivor Series


I’ve recently seen a lot of Survivor Series posts and I’ve just got through the ’96 SS on the Network: why don’t they use Survivor Series to it’s full potential anymore?

I know it’s been years since they have anyway, but it seems like a great gimmick to use so that champions get a break from defending, storylines can continue with a valid reason to continue, and new rivalries can begin.

It just seems like such a fresh thing to do with the boring period between Sept – January, with every ppv being the same old shit.


​Yeah, but the problem is that they did TERRIBLE on PPV because there’s no stakes, so it became a self fulfilling prophecy after a while where they would put less and less effort into promoting it because less and less people were buying it. Last year’s show popped a number because they hotshotted the Authority angle, but then they just reversed it anyway. Plus it got to the point where no one wanted to do meaningful jobs, so you’d have ridiculous eliminations by DQ and countout and the infamous guys getting pinned by clotheslines 30 seconds in and stuff like that. That being said, I love the 87 and 88 shows. They’re two of my favorites from that time period, especially the tag team version, and with the Network destroying PPV they might as well do Network-exclusive specials like a Survivor Series with no stakes. ​