Highspots Presents: Best Friends with Teddy Hart

This was released in February 2015

The hosts are Chuck Taylor and Trent! (Former WWE wrestler Trent Baretta)

It runs at one hour and fifty two minutes long


This is filmed in a room filled with a dozen or so other independent wrestlers. Hart has a giant white cat on his lap while he sparks up a blunt as the hosts are drinking Natural Lights.


Trent talks about how he messed up a piledriver spot with Hart during a match in which Hart made a run-in. They all laugh about what happened as Hart says he was out of shape and didn’t want to do any spots because he wouldn’t be able to remember half of them, before joking he got high off of some shitty weed he got from some “mark” in the building that gave him some after getting to see Hart’s girlfriend’s tits. He jokes he doesn’t want to get called out by good wrestlers and said that booker Gabe Sapolsky asked what he wanted to do while Hart said he could do a run-in and wouldn’t need to get paid for it either then credits Trent for being able to take a lot during a match. Hart then says that guys like Sapolsky can treat the wrestlers a little better before praising the younger guys again, by saying they can do a lot more than the old-timers.


Trent talks about how he wrestled Hart when he first started in Jersey All Pro as Hart said he was awesome. Hart then blows smoke at his cat, saying that PETA is ridiculous as you can “fart of smoke cigarette smoke” on your pets but marijuana is a crime. Hart then says what he has is just a cigar. From this, Hart tells a story of a guy farting on him with a whoopee cushion because he felt Hart blowing his blunt smoke at him was secondhand as you don’t get to smell the fart but just the cancer. Hart then said he laughed and five minutes later he put a thumbtack on the guys seat and when he sat down, he got pissed.


Hart talks about owning 40 cats and how he makes more money selling them than he does wrestling. Hart then talks about how the cat on his lap is the dad of many kittens and talks about how he escaped and they found him on the highway a few days later. This evolves into a conversation about HIV/Hepatits C testing with Hart saying the worst he has done was smoke weed and bang a few strippers with his “limp dick” but always wears a condom.


Next, we get the Best Friends shoot feature when they ask guys if they wipe sitting or standing. Hart says he always uses Wet Naps and tells a story of a guy he saw pissing in his sink. The guy told Hart that the amount of splash coming off of using the toilet causes more bacteria and you wash your hands before touching your dick, then he pees, and watches after that.


We now get the feature of guys getting asked if they ever wrestled Jerry Lynn. Hart says he likes him but Lynn once cried because he had to put him over. Hart said he took his package piledriver and modified it as a tribute to Lynn in Texas.


Hart talks about jail and how instead of fighting guys you can do stuff they cannot do as he did some handstand pushups and standing backflips. He then talks about going over to the psychiatric ward inside of the prison as a friend bragged about how you could sign up to use a bath for a few hours at a time and if you pretend to act retarded and stupid, you can get in so Hart did that and he was transferred. Hart said he was there and entertained the “retards” with handstands while the older guys didn’t want to mess with him. He also said he bribed the guys with cookies. Hart said in jail you shut your mouth and if you do not know what to do, humbly ask someone. He said his roommate was nice and helped make his bed and such and found out that he was a complete psychopath who murdered several people. Hart said some of the guards knew who he was and thought it was funny that he was in jail, pretending to be retarded. Hart said his last day he did a big backflip for them and ended up slipping and falling on his head where the retarded prisoners all looked disappointed.


On getting out of jail, Hart said that the WWE got him out of federal prison in Canada by claiming they can give him psychiatric help in the United States where he went to rehab with Scott Hall. Hart said that Dan Spivey, who works with the WWE as a “liaison that picks up junkies in a limousine” came and brought him to rehab. He said that if you call the WWE and say you are needing psychiatric help they will have Spivey assess you and if you end up being too fucked up and might embarrass the company, they will put you in rehab. Hart said he asked for rehab with the WWE once as he smokes two ounces of marijuana daily but was told they wouldn’t put someone in rehab for that. Trent and Chuck say that they just get paranoid when they smoke pot.


Hart tells a story of being at the “Cauliflower Alley Club” function in Las Vegas. He said no one wanted him there so he showed up with his girlfriend and wore a pair of sunglasses and had a bag of weed. However, Hart rolled up a blunt then lit up a bunch of regular cigars while the wrestlers asked if he was smoking weed. Hart said he was while a few guys, one of which was Brian Kendrick, came up and took a hit, thinking it was really good stuff. He said the placebo effect was funny then the next day his agent told him how he was a fucking moron for doing that to piss people off as Hart said he wanted to show everyone that he was pro-Marijuana. He said he didn’t want to use real marijuana as he didn’t want people to break the law.


Hart talks about wrestling in Mexico and how when you first go there and do not speak English you can end up getting a 4 hour taxi ride to your hotel. He also said that if you are willing to grind it out its worth it to wrestle in front of 16,000 people. He then talks about not wanting to become rich from wrestling but would want people to see him in case he ran for a political position and go “I saw that retard jump off from 23 feet high and fall into a pile of dogshit on the ground then get up and shake my hand.” Hart also talks about how the fans are vicious and would probably try to stab a heel wrestler offering a handshake to the crowd. He tells a story of how Jack Evans got tabasco sauce thrown into his face and how the fans would toss dirty diapers into the ring.


Trent asks Hart about how he was working in Jersey All Pro about ten years ago and how he was walking on his hands backstage doing pushups while Evans would do back handsprings onto his head. This leads to Hart talking about how as a promoter, he would never tell a wrestler to perform a move that he could not do himself, referencing when Konnan told Samuray Del Sol (Kalisto) to do a double backflip to the floor, which he ended up cracking his head open. Hart said that lead to Kalisto not wanting to sign with AAA and he ended up signing with the WWE shortly thereafter.


Hart says he tried to get Pac (Neville) into Wrestling Society X but they botched his passport and they got M Dogg 20 instead. Ricochet, who is one of the indy guys present for the shoot, said he was only 17 at the time WSX was going on while Hart said he was on the list. Hart then puts over Ricochet, Pac, El Generico (Sami Zayn), and Tyson Kidd for being fantastic wrestlers that you need to watch. Hart also tells Trent that Kidd would rave about him while in the WWE, leading Hart to bring him in for an indy booking.


Now, Hart tells us that guys like Ricochet and Evans take as good as they give and if you are going to do crazy moves you better take the same stuff for your opponent. Hart says he used to be scared laying for Evans’ 630 splash as Taylor talks about being petrified to take Ricochet’s double moonsault. Ricochet says he has retired the move.


Hart talks about running an indy show and spending money on catering and limousines for the guys. He then talks about John Morrison wanting to sell his pictures all night long and how guys would sandbag him and not Sapolsky, who pays cheaply and makes the guys kill themselves.


They still talk about high-flying moves as Hart says anyone can do a shooting star press and how he convinced Kidd to do it and he did once then said he would never do it again. Trent said he did it twice on a crash pad. The first time he “Brock Lesnar’d” himself and the next time did a “Sloppy Kidman.” Trent says he cannot aim his flips.


Hart talks about how people call him names, including “fag” as he wears sparkles and pajamas constantly and hangs around gay guys. Hart then pulls up his pant legs to reveal knee pads around his shins as he says that if you get into a street fight, not many guys would expect a double-leg take down.


On his pajamas, Hart says he always wears these and doesnt own a pair of jeans. He then talks about how his ex-wife and girlfriend lived with him at the same time.


After a short break, Hart comes back with a video camera to show the guys a video of him at a restaurant with four girls as he points out how they are doing some sort of “marijuana cake” for him. Taylor then tells Hart that his life and Hart’s life are “really fucking different” as everyone laughs. Hart says he always has a camera because no matter what happens, he will have it on tape. He talks about a reality show and goes off of a tangent about that. He shows Trent more footage as he describes how there is a ton of money on a bed as Hart says he is showing this to point out how much money he puts into wrestling and talks about how Rob Feinstein did a lot for the business no matter what you have heard then shows the guys more from his camera and tells them not to say anything as they all look shocked.


They talk about Harry Smith and how odd he is, stating he will stay at people’s houses and have odd, random conversations with them. Harry also befriends all sorts of weird people. Hart then talks about how the guys you think are weird are the ones who will pick you up at 4am when you have a flat tire.


Hart talks about how the younger wrestlers are cool but the old guys are not then talks about how he has cameras all over his house and how people do all sorts of weird shit when they know the camera is on then talks about how other wrestlers screw over wrestlers who run a promotion as opposed to the actual promoters, calling out Jay Lethal and Davey Richards for no-showing when he invited them. He then talks about how some guys will tell people he will take certain moves then go behind their back to the promoter and say they are not doing anything as Hart says it is fake wrestling and they can have “the guy from the audience with down syndrome can come into the ring and tear off his shirt and beat people up like he is Hulk Hogan” while sarcastically saying he is going to tell a promoter he will not do what was planned and instead flex on the ramp acting cool while one girl pulls down her shirt while the other flashes her pussy.


We briefly talk about wrestling chants as Hart says “holy shit” chants are not designed for crossbody blocks but for something you have never seen before as “you deserve it” chants should be reserved for guys like Ricochet instead of old bums like Steve Corino. Hart says a “you deserve it” chant should be one of the hardest chants in wrestling to earn.


Drew Galloway is shown in the room then they talk about Adam Cole as someone says he is the nicest guy as Hart agrees but then says his girl has a “stinky pussy.” Trent does not get how people think Cole is a sexy guy.


Hart talks about Chris Benoit and said he gave him a pair of shoes. Hart then said he went up to Benoit at WrestleMania as Benoit told him he was losing the ECW Title to CM Punk and was considering retiring early as a result. Hart said Benoit would stand up for guys who worked his style. Hart talks about how the WWE can have all of the big guys in the world but you need smaller guys who can bump for them and perform in the ring.


Now, Hart talks about how he went to jail after being accused of rape. He talks about the police coming to his home and how he told the cops he should be arrested then if that is the case. After the cop told him he was acting like a smart ass, Hart said they cannot come in unless they had a warrant and proceeded to smash a picture then told them he had a 3D printer and how he wanted the cops to turn on their recorders before saying he wrestled in Mexico against guys with Hepatitis C and HIV and how he didnt rape anyone and to listen to what he said. After that, more cops were called in and they entered calmly as Hart said he was working them with a small cut and a fake gun then ended up going to jail for causing trouble. Hart said he can get into trouble for saying this but doesnt care as he goes back to the story and how his wife and friend where there and after that they realized he was bluffing then talks about going on the streets and offering guys marijuana so they would not use cocaine or meth. After this, the WWE extradited him and got him into a rehab where he met Razor Ramon, a guy he always wanted to meet. After that, he left and got back to Canada as a free man while he learned the accuser recanted their story and he was set free. Then, last year, Hart was accused of rape in Canada while he was wrestling in the United States and has proof of that. Hart said pretending to be retarded would not again if he was sent to jail.


Hart talks about how one night he was drunk while the WWE in Mexico but wanted to leave quickly after seeing Harry Smith and Tyson Kidd but CM Punk saw him. Hart said they made up after their altercation in TNA but Punk smiled and grabbed his arm and brought him into the locker room. Hart also said that he made up a bunch of tracksuits for the guys and snuck into the hotel after lying to the janitor by saying he was a wrestler. He woke up Harry, who was shocked, and gave him a tracksuit. Harry then crawled out of bed and put on the tracksuit over his jeans after Hart thought it was too small and was going to give it to Evan Bourne, saying it fit and Bourne did not need to have the suit. Hart said he left after that and ran into Batista, who bought him an omelette.


Next, they do a segment called “Popping tops and tweeting Rocks” in which they take off their shirts then take a photo that they end up tweeting to The Rock. For this installment, they wear some of the Custom clothes that Hart brought as gifts.


Final Thoughts: Well, this was certainly something else. Its not secret that Teddy Hart is insane. And its also no secret that the amount of “cigars” he is smoking is not helping matters in that department.

This shoot isnt really about wrestling, its more about bullshitting. Some wrestling is discussed as Hart makes some okay points at times. If you are looking for a shoot all about wrestling, this isnt for you. The series is really just a niche product and certainly not going to appeal to everyone.

If Teddy Hart going off on stoned tangents appeals to you, by all means get this shoot. It is entertaining at times. However, if this does not, then do not even bother. I did come away from this liking Trent Baretta a lot as a person though. He seems like a likable guy. And I dont think Hart is a horrible person but rather someone who needs psychiatric help.


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