Brock vs. Timekeeper

On a scale of 1-10, exactly how stupid was the Brock/UT finish? It just served to take every bit of heat both wrestlers had and put it on the timekeeper. Was there any possible reason for this finish other than that they just didn’t want to do a finish?

​Well really it’s like a weird logic puzzle in a way — you’re given Brock and Undertaker with the challenge of keeping both strong, and they want Undertaker to win, but don’t want Brock to lose. So that’s what they came up with. They could have just done a crazy brawl double DQ where you get your 20 minutes worth of action and then it’s so intense that both guys are so out of control that they kill the ref or something and as long as it’s in the middle of the show, it’s fine. Now my question is "If you don’t want to book a winner, why make the match?" but that’s wrestling for ya. ​