Sid in 90


Sid may have been at the peak of his popularity when he returned from his lung injury in 1990 in WCW.

He was kept heel and put in the Horsemen and headlined Halloween Havoc 90 against Sting.

This site often debates whether WCW should have went with Lex Luger over Sting during this time but is it safe to assume maybe Sid could have been the face of the company during this period?

His pops even as a heel were some of the loudest there were at that time and the fanbase seemed to actually WANT Sid on top.

Did WCW make a mistake not going all the way with Sid during this period?

​To quote Dr. Evil…I’m gonna say no. The man punctured a lung taking a backbreaker and was coming off one of the legendarily bad matches in history against Bryan Clarke…I don’t think he was particularly the guy that Flair would want to support as champion.