Some merchandise numbers to chew on

Something to consider with the #DivasRevolution is merch sales. How much merch a superstar has and how much is selling is a good sign to who the company is going to shove in our faces. Having finally figured out how to rank every item on WWE Shop in order of best sellers, these are the top "diva" items:

1 – Bayley "I’m A Hugger" regular cut shirt (21 overall)
2 – Paige "This Is My House" regular cut shirt (32)
3 – Bellas "Team Bella" womens V-neck cut shirt (43)
4 – Sasha Banks "Boss" regular cut shirt (48)
5 – Nikki Bella "Fearless" snapback cap (52)

What does this tell us? Bailey is awesome, clearly. The girl is going to rival Cena in merch sales one day, especially in the youth area. The Bellas are still the queens of WWE merchandise sales (with triple the items available next to anyone else), and Paige has her grip as she always has, much like AJ had. Sasha is the only one of the three to move up to me making any real moves with sales (she’s also the only one of the three with almost an entire page of items themed to her).

So as far as the company sees it, the Bellas are the face of this for a reason, and that’s because they are selling.

As far as most items for sale per diva:
89 – Bellas (27 Brie-specific, 25 Nikki-specific)
24 – Paige
12 – Sasha
6 – Charlotte
4 – Becky
4 – Bayley
4 – Naomi (3 Team B.A.D. specific, 1 Funkadactyls)
3 – Stephanie
3 – Tamina (all Team B.A.D.)
3 – Natalya
2 – Cameron (1 Funkadctyls)
1 – Alexa
1 – Emma
1 – Lana
1 – Trish

And, just because, the top ten overall:
1 – Cena "15x" shirt
2 – Balor "Balor Club" shirt
3 – Rollins "Never Shuts Up" shirt
4 – Lesnar "Suplex City: Brooklyn" shirt
5 – Bryan "Yes Revolution" shirt (on sale 7.99)
6 – Lesnar "Suplex City: Minneapolis" shirt
7 – Cesaro "The Professional" shirt
8 – Reigns "Hit Hard, Hit Often" shirt
9 – Owens "KO" shirt
10 – Liger "Thunder" shirt

​Bayley is truly something special as far as a character and I really hope they don’t blow it with her. Just as they have Cena to appeal to the young males, Bayley appeals to young girls in a way that is completely unique, and not just the usual corporate "female empowerment" bullshit that Stephanie spouts.

Very interesting list, thanks for the legwork.​