Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope all of you had a great weekend. Today school is back in session and I’m officially the parent of a high school junior. Man where does the time go.

Anyway I know a lot of you caught all the wrestling that came with Summerslam weekend. I was on a dinner cruise Saturday and had planned on watching Brooklyn Takeover sometime Sunday afternoon when the house was quiet. But I made the mistake of reading Scott’s review and decided I needed to watch the show…at least the women’s match….ASAP. And it was as good as advertised. I love the story they told and everything just seemed to make sense. As good as the women’s matches have been in NXT and as good as the women’s programs have been this was one of those times when the expectations were even higher than normal and they delivered on all fronts.

As for the Summerslam card. I liked it for the most part. The ending to the Brock-Taker match was horrible but the match was fine. I really thought Brock should have went over to present a retirement match at Wrestlemania but either way I think that’s going to happen. My only problem is now you’ve got Brock occupied for another seven months with a guy that won’t appear again for months.

Cena-Rollins was good, you knew it would be. Cena just delivers in these spots. He’s really on the level of the Austins, HBKs, Flairs, Bret Harts, etc. when it comes to delivering in these big main-event matches. He’ll probably never be as beloved as those guys but when it comes to the quality of his PPV matches he’s certainly earned the right to be in the discussion with the greats.

I really loved the Shield-Wyatts brawl. It was wild, had a lot of great spots and heat segments to it. The crowd was too busy being smarky toward Reigns to appreciate it but I loved it. I’m glad neither Reigns nor Ambrose turned and it shouldn’t happen. Frankly I think this should go the other way and they should team more and go after The New Day. Right now neither guy has anything going and rather than program Ambrose with Sheamus and have Reigns go after Big Show for the millionth time why not keep them together and challenge the hot heel act for the tag titles. It would give New Day a more serious program and allow them to stay over as heels. It would elevate the tag titles by having two upper-card singles focusing on it but Ambrose and Reigns have teamed up enough over the past three years that it feels more like a Sting/Luger situation rather than two guys just holding the titles as decoration like when The Rock and the Undertaker held it together.

Plus I think the matches would be very good. I could see it working out for all parties.

That’s all for me. As for TV:


NFL Preseason: Bucs-Bengals on ESPN

MLB Diamondbacks-Cardinals on ESPN2

A ton of Little League World Series

American Ninja Warrior has a highlight show
There is an interesting PBS doc on a guy that decided to get off his couch to go to the Middle East, he found himself involved in the Libyan Civil War. Next time he’ll just go fishing.

Keep it clean!