Wrestlemania Match idea

Rumors are Kane will comeback from his Brock-induced injury and help heel Taker win at Summerslam, which would fine because the 50 year old should NOT be going over Brock clean. This brings me to a Wrestlemania match option:

We saw how they used smoke and mirrors to make HHH/Sting watchable at WM 31. Why not do Brothers of Destruction vs. Brock Lesnar & Sting. This saves us from having to watch two 50 year olds 1 on 1 and Kane would take the fall. If Brock’s not going to be champion, and Rock/HHH is gonna be on the card, why not do a big "dream tag" match? Just an idea that popped in. Had they just had Reigns win MITB they could’ve had Brock win the Rumble to zero in one year long chicken heel Rollins and have Roman cash in to redo the triple threat. But alas that idea is spoiled because SHEAMUS!

My assumption was that Brock wins clean to set up the final showdown at Wrestlemania where Taker puts his career on the line against the dude who he’s never beaten before, but I guess if you want to have Kane turn Undertaker heel and beat Brock, that’s also a thing that could happen. You gotta keep Kane strong, after all.