Using the network for the hard sell

This bothers me. With SummerSlam approaching you’ll hear the announcers say "$9.99 on WWE Network!" Or "watch every ppv" or "3300 hours of content!" But why not get SPECIFIC!

They’ve mentioned Taker has never beaten Brock. Why not tell fans to check out their gory HIAC match from No Mercy 2002? Cena’s going for title win 16 to tie Flair. Why not sell the network with JBL saying "he started by beating me at Wrestlemania 21, which you can watch on WWE network!" This was as a fan I have some guidance to the network. Wouldn’t that make sense? They can do wrestlers top 10 matches lists! Sting’s top 10 matches, check out WCW GAB 90! Does this make any sense?

​Yes, but their marketing department aren’t wrestling fans and thus don’t think like that. So you get "$9.99!" and "Like Netflix but better!" and they hope for the best that way.

The buffering issue is getting way out of hand in the archives, however. RAW and Nitro are not even watchable for me now, no matter which device. Apparently WWE is "aware" of the issue, though, so now I can sleep at night knowing that the best minds are on it. ​