The Dangerous Alliance and Roman Reigns=victim?

Was there anywhere to go with the Dangerous Alliance after the war games? With Vader becoming the main event heel I can’t see them being in a prominent position.

​No, that was the brilliance of the gimmick. It was one of the few perfectly booked angles like that, with a start (Heyman gets fired and brings in Rude as a killer), middle (they win all the titles and run roughshod) and end (victims regroup and destroy them in a cage match). Paul knew what he was doing. ​

Is Roman Reigns a victim of circumstance? I mean when the shield wanted the Wyatt family last year the crowd was going nuts for the guy then when

ts to push the guy they turn on him. Is it because

1. Smart marks are being assholes, they wanted Daniel Bryan and nothing else would suffice?

2. He lost his silent killer coolness because Vince thinks everyone needs to talk to be charismatic?

3. The Hogan/Warrior dynamic when how can one guy get elevated when the top guy won’t leave?

​Oh yeah, #3 in spades. That’s a problem with EVERYONE, as in years past a guy like Cena or Orton would have jumped to WCW by now and cleared some of the deadwood on top in the process. Nature wants the forest to burn down every once in a while, ya know? Sheamus floating near the top up and down for his entire career helps exactly no one and just makes it harder to someone new to give it a go. ​

​Now, the actual fan backlash was specifically Daniel Bryan, not Reigns himself. He was just not the guy that the fanbase wanted and WWE made the giant mistake of trying to fight against that. ​