Roman Reigns

Hi Scott,

I got thinking about the whole Reigns situation from the last year. Apart from being a big, good looking guy, what exactly did he have to offer as far as being the "next big thing"? I’m not big on the numbers side of the business, so did he make a difference to the ratings or ppv buys?

I ask this because actual (?) fan favourites such as Ambrose, Ziggler & (especially) Cesaro seem to be lying around the midcard waiting for their turn (if it’ll ever come) when they’re more equipped than Reigns was/is. If Reigns didn’t shift more merch/ratings/ppv buys, then what’s the excuse for not getting behind other, somewhat more popular guys?

Keep up the great work!

​That’s kind of the main problem, innit? We hear all this stuff about how he’s so charismatic backstage, but he rarely shows it on TV. And no, he doesn’t move the needle with ratings or PPV buys, and in fact Wrestlemania this year was pretty far down. Frankly he’s probably damaged goods to a certain degree at this point, but with Bryan gone I feel like they’re going to shove him down our throats again after November and give it another go. But really, it’s just the usual WWE circular logic: He’s the guy because we say he’s the guy, so we’re gonna book and protect him like the guy and then justify it by saying that he’s more over than the midcard geeks without protection and thus we have to push him. The problem is that they longer they wait at this point, the harder it’s gonna be to pull that trigger with guys like Cesaro and Ambrose making a better case for the spot. ​