Rock Star Gary reflects on…WCCW 2nd annual David Von Erich Memorial Parade of Champions

Live from Irving, TX

Airdate: May 5, 1985

Attendance:  26,153

Hosted by Marc Lowrance.

Match 1: The Dynamic Duo (“Gentleman” Chris Adams & the “Handsome half-breed” Gino Hernandez) versus the Great Kabuki and Scott Casey (w/ Sunshine)


  • For those unaware, this would be the second incarnation of the Dynamic Duo as Adams replaced Tully Blanchard. My apologies to Batman lovers worldwide.
  • Hernandez was also the Texas Heavyweight champion.
  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • Enziguri by Adams stunned Kabuki.
  • A thrust kick by Kabuki met a charging Adams in the corner.
  • A spinning thrust kick by Kabuki sent Adams between the rings.
  • After tagging in, Casey delivered an Anderson slam to Adams.
  • After delivering a clothesline, Adams locked a sleeper on Casey.
  • As soon as Casey countered with a backbreaker, Hernandez tagged in and dropped an elbow to the back.
  • Back elbow and knee lift by Hernandez kept the Dynamic Duo in control.
  • A leapfrog by Casey led to a tag to Kabuki.
  • While nailing Hernandez in the back, Kabuki thwarted Adams’ attack with another thrust kick.
  • Back drop and side suplex by Kabuki only got 2 thanks to the save by Adams.
  • Belly-to-back suplex followed by a cartwheel by Adams.
  • After Adams missed a clothesline, Kabuki made the hot tag to Casey.
  • After a knee to Casey’s back by Hernandez put a stop to his momentum, all four men were in the ring.
  • Upon giving Casey a superkick, Adams and Hernandez brought Sunshine into the ring.
  • Kabuki saved her then sprayed Hernandez with the green mist when Gino leaped from the top rope.
  • The Dynamic Duo won by disqualification.

Rating:  **1/2

Summary: Awful finish to a pretty good tag match. I thought Casey would eat the pin here.

After the match, Hernandez tosses a couple of chairs into the ring aimed at Kabuki.  

Match 2: The “Modern Day Warrior” Kerry Von Erich (w/ Fritz Von Erich) versus the One Man Gang (w/ Gary Hart)


  • If Gang won then he will face Fritz; however, if Kerry won then Fritz will shave Hart’s head.
  • Gang’s sideburns put the Rock’s to shame. And that’s saying something.
  • This match also took place in ring #2.
  • Fritz was handcuffed to Hart to keep him at bay. Luckily chairs were provided for them to sit since it pays to be the promoter.
  • After Gang nailed Kerry, Von Erich kipped up and delivered a dropkick.
  • Bear hug by Gang enabled him to rest put him in control.
  • Two discus punches by Kerry sent the big man down to the mat.
  • A standing dropkick had Gang reeling in the ropes.
  • Chaos between Fritz and Hart kept the stadium crowd entertained as Gang talked strategy to Kerry held the former NWA champion in a head lock.
  • Upon rethinking a slam, Kerry applied the Iron claw.
  • To counter Gang fell straight down with the lower half of his body under the ropes.
  • Kerry slammed Gang, but Gang rolled on top for 2 thanks to Hart.
  • After Gang slammed Kerry, he tried to come off the ropes for the 747 splash; however, Fritz tripped him.
  • Kerry got the pin.

Rating: **

Summary: The huge crowd ate up the victory with a spoon. Gang moved around pretty well for a man his size (487 lbs.).

Afterwards jobbers try to restrain Gang so that Hart’s head could be shaved. Since that isn’t working out, Kevin hits the ring to give assistance by handcuffing Gang to the ropes. Fritz subdues Hart with a knee lift then grabs a chair for Hart to sit. As Fritz shaves Hart , Gang tries to unscrew the turnbuckle. Hart’s head has been completely shaved as Gang breaks loose. Satisfied their work is done, the Von Erich clan exits the ring as Hart stands embarrassed in defeat.

Match 3 (12-man 2-ring tag team best 3 out of 5 falls): Kerry, Kevin, & Mike Von Erich and Freebirds Michael Hayes, Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy & Buddy Roberts versus “Gentleman” Chris Adams, Gino Hernandez, Rip Oliver, One Man Gang, Kamala, and “Dr. Death” Steve Williams (w/ Skandor Akbar and Gary Hart)


  • The winning team got $100,000 in cash, and the winner of the decisive fall won a new Lincoln Continental.
  • This match was the equivalent to two simultaneous six-man tag matches.
  • As  Marc indirectly pointed out, these matches are being shown out of order because the NWA title match preceded this contest. Ric Flair was supposedly involved, but I won’t reveal why he’s not.

First fall

  • Forearm off the ropes by Kerry to Oliver gave him the early advantage.
  • Due to being covered with green mist earlier, Hernandez appeared showered and wore red trunks. In the earlier bout, he wore blue ones.
  • Dropkick from Kevin to Williams kept his team in control in ring #1.
  • Sleeper by Hernandez to Kerry, but Kerry reversed it to one of his own.
  • As Kerry rolled up Hernandez, Adams delivered a superkick to save his partner.
  • Subsequently Hernandez pinned Kerry.

Second fall

  • At the beginning of the second fall, Kerry applied the Iron claw to Hernandez.
  • Clothesline and a discus punch by Kerry knocked Williams to the mat.
  • Standing choke from Kamala to Roberts.
  • A discus punch by Kerry knocked Adams over the top rope to the floor.
  • Double clothesline by the Dynamic Duo to Hayes spelled his fate.
  • Two straight falls for the heels. We need a comeback!

Third fall

  • Oliver worked over Kerry, fell prey to a cross body block, and got pinned.
  • The heels held a 2 falls to 1 lead. That’s reassuring.

Fourth fall

  • 747 splash by Gang to Kerry then Kamala joined the dog pile.
  • Roberts tried to give Hernandez cauliflower ears.
  • Williams delivered a series of head butts to Kerry’s back.
  • Gordy countered a suplex by Adams with one of his own.
  • Bulldog by Roberts to Adams was followed by an inside cradle that got 1.
  • Dropkick by Mike to Kamala made the young girls squeal.
  • Triple dropkick by the Von Erichs to Oliver was a sight to behold.
  • After Hernandez ate a Hart Attack, Roberts pinned him to even the score.

Fifth fall

  • Kerry attempted to slam Kamala, but the Ugandan giant fell on top of him for 2.
  • Off camera Gordy gave Hernandez a piledriver.
  • Clothesline from Hayes to Adams only got 1.
  • Sunset flip from Hayes to Adams almost got 3.
  • After Hayes almost got another pin on Adams, Kevin flew from one ring to the other at Williams. Wow!
  • 1-2-3.
  • The Von Erichs and Freebirds have won $100,000, and Kevin won a new Lincoln Continental.

Rating: ****

Summary:  Chaotic match that was action-packed. I wouldn’t have wanted to be the director to try to capture everything in this match.

Afterwards Hart gets on the microphone and orders Gang to destroy the new Lincoln. Before Gang can swing his chain toward the luxury car, Mike nails him. Holding the chain, referee David Manning shoos Gang back to the dressing room.

All of a sudden, Hernandez steals the chain from Manning and demolishes the windshield. After Adams kicks some glass in for good measure, the Dynamic Duo celebrates on their run back to the dressing room. How dastardly! A despondent yet angry brethren attempt to charge the heel dressing room but are thwarted by Bronco Lubich and David Manning.

Match 4 for the vacant NWA American tag team titles: The Midnight Express (w/ Jim Cornette) versus the Fantastics (w/ Little John)


  • For those unaware, Little John was Trapper Jon Harris who stood 7’3”. Harris was actually cast in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure in 1985.
  • According to ring announcer Ralph Pulley, this match will take place in both rings. Both David Manning and Rick Hazzard will officiate the match.
  • In his pink tuxedo, Cornette sat next to Little John.
  • While Eaton and Fulton fought in ring #1, Condrey and Rogers fought in ring #2.
  • Body slam by Eaton got 2 on Fulton.
  • In ring #1, Rogers mounted the second turnbuckle but missed a fist drop.
  • Eaton attempted to bring Fulton in the hard way, but got slingshot over the top rope to the floor.
  • Down on the floor, Fulton gave Eaton a back drop.
  • Do-si-do by the Fantastics off a double cross-corner whip preceded a double dropkick.
  • Three dropkicks from Rogers to Condrey allowed Rogers to mount the top turnbuckle.
  • A missile dropkick by Rogers sent Condrey reeling.
  • Eaton used the ropes to give Fulton an elbow shot.
  • Short clothesline by Condrey got 2 on Rogers.
  • After Eaton brought a chair into the ring, Condrey rammed Rogers’ head into it.
  • Eaton delivered three chair shots until Manning removed the chair from the ring.
  • After a break, Eaton military pressed Rogers then dropped him between the rings.
  • Powerslam by Rogers to Eaton got 2.
  • Eaton reversed a cross-corner whip by Rogers sending him into Manning.
  • As Little John attempted to break up an Eaton choke of Rogers in the corner, Cornette hammered Fulton with the tennis racquet behind Hazzard’s back.
  • In one ring Condrey pinned Fulton while in the other Rogers pinned Eaton.
  • Hazzard raised Condrey’s arm then conferred with Manning.
  • Upon further review the Fantastics won the match.

Rating: ****

Summary:  Great match with an intriguing finish.

After the decision, Cornette attempted to wallop Little John with his racquet, but it had no effect.

In spite of the World title match taking place earlier in the day, I present it to you as the last match as it truly represents the main event.

Match 5 for the NWA World title: “Nature Boy” Ric Flair (champion) versus Kevin Von Erich


  • In a funny moment, Marc informed us that there was only one heavyweight champion of the world despite seeing other champions in other promotions. The reason it was funny was due to WCCW seceding from the NWA a little over a year later.
  • This match took place in ring #2.
  • An early roll-up by Kevin got 2 causing Flair to regroup outside the ring.
  • Marc mentioned that if Flair got disqualified he’d lose the title.
  • Kevin countered a vertical suplex attempt with a sleeper.
  • As a result of three right hands from Kevin, a Flair flop occurred.
  • Kevin walked up the ropes, leaped, but received a shot to the mid-section.
  • An errant shot by Flair stunned referee Rick Hazzard.
  • Flair took the free opportunity and tossed Kevin over the top rope.
  • Having only landed on the apron, Kevin mounted the top turnbuckle, hit the flying body press, yet only yielded 2.
  • To thwart more offense from Kevin, Flair gave him an inverted atomic drop.
  • Knee drop got 2 for Flair.
  • Vertical suplex got another 2 count for Flair.
  • An abdominal stretch by Flair had the girls gasping.
  • Much to their delight, Kevin returned the favor with his own abdominal stretch.
  • After Flair missed an elbow drop, Kevin mounted the second turnbuckle and dropped an elbow to Flair’s head.
  • A haymaker sent Flair between the rings.
  • One of the detriments to WCCW’s world class broadcasting was being able to hear Flair mutter to Kevin what was coming next.
  • A Flair flip sent him into ring #1.
  • Kevin mounted the top turnbuckle, hit the flying body press, and got 2 due to referee Rick Hazzard’s tardiness.
  • Flair blocked an Iron claw with a belly-to-back suplex.
  • A Flair sleeper was countered with a jaw breaker on the top turnbuckle. Clever!
  • Kevin then countered a vertical suplex with his own and got 2.
  • Chops by Kevin gave us Flair flop #2.
  • Flair flip #2 sent the champion down to the floor.
  • After Flair tossed Kevin outside the ring, Kevin used a sunset flip and got 2.
  • The crowd was on the edge of its collective seat.
  • After a slam, Flair mounted the top turnbuckle but thought better of it.
  • As a means of retreat, Flair escaped to ring #2 for the time being.
  • Having put Kevin down with a snap mare, Flair mounted the top turnbuckle again.
  • However, this time, Kevin was playing possum, caught Flair, and tossed him down to the mat.
  • Bridge by Kevin followed by a backslide had the crowd champing at the bit.
  • But Flair’s foot touched the second rope denying Kevin of the title once more.
  • The Iron claw was applied. Could Flair lose in Texas again?
  • Both men fell to the floor breaking the hold.
  • As both men traded blows on the floor, Hazzard counted to 20.
  • Double countout. Flair retained the title.

Rating: *****

Summary:  Whew! That was an incredible roller coaster ride that I never want to abandon. Back in 1985, this match, along with WrestleMania, hooked me for life on the legend of the squared circle. Bravo, gentlemen!

Afterward Kevin climbs back into the ring, but Hazzard tells him it’s over. A bloodied Flair re-enters the ring to brawl with Kevin. Again Kevin tries to apply the Iron claw, but Hazzard won’t allow him. In response, Kevin tosses him over the top rope to the floor. Once again, the Iron claw is applied. Manning made a futile effort to get Kevin off Flair. Next Kerry and Mike hit the ring to consult their brother, but Kevin’s stubborn so he reapplies the claw again. Finally, Fritz enters the ring and convinces his son to fight another day. Cementing a great match, Fritz gets on the microphone and expresses pride in Kevin. Aw.

Conclusion:  If I were in charge of programming the WWE Network this show would be added immediately. From the world title match to the 12-man best of five match to the tag team title match, this show completely overshadowed last year’s event. While nothing truly historical occurred, I recommend this show without any reservations.

See you for NWA Great American Bash ’85!

Buyrate: NONE

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