Option A or Option B

Alright mate
Hope you and the family are doing well
Great news about NXT in Brooklyn eh? Here’s hoping those 13,000.00 fans get
a good show!
Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed it when you do the A or B posts, so I thought
I’d send over some more
For those new to the game, I give Scott a scenario/question and ask him
what he prefers, Option A or Option B



1: Situation where they should have pulled the trigger on a title change
but didn’t

Option A

Steve Corino faces Justin Credible for the ECW Title at a sold out
Hammerstein Ballroom for a TNN taping and finally gets accepted as babyface
due to having Billy Corgan come out with him and debuting Dawn Marie as his
new valet, but fails to win the eventual title match. He ends up winning it
months later at November 2 Remember 2000 in a confusing Double Jeapordy
match, by which time the moment was lost.


Option B

Takeshi Morishima faces Mistuharu Misawa for the GHC title in 2007. NOAH is
desperately seeking a new ace after Kenta Kobashi dropped the title in
2005. Both Takeshi Rikio and Noamichi Marufuji have failed in the slot
previously. Morishima is popular and has come off a strong ROH Title run.
Rather than put him over now, Misawa decides to hold off the win until 2008
and have Morishima chase a little more. By the time Morishima wins the belt
in 2008, he’s cooled off significantly and the win doesn’t mean what it
could of previously.

Scott sez:  I have no knowledge of NOAH and no one cared about ECW by the end of 2000, especially not with either Credible or Corino on top.  I guess B. 

2: Upper Mid Card wrestler who had the best chance of branching into
regular main events

Option A
Razor Ramon in 1995 era WWF


Option B
Chris Benoit in late 1999 era WCW

Scott sez:  Ramon was hampered by Vince not wanting him there, while Benoit just wanted out at that point, so I’d say B. 

3: Better version of “The Flock” Gimmick

Option A
ECW: Raven, Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie, Nova, Brian Lee and The Bruise


Option B
WCW: Raven, Saturn, Riggs, Kidman, Sick Boy, Lodi and Hammer

Scott sez:  I have no particular nostalgia for Raven’s ECW run, so B. 

4: Better idea for a Title Belt (In theory)

Option A

WWF European Title. You give the belt to a popular European wrestler (Davey
Boy) with the idea that he can defend it in Europe and it’ll be a big deal
(Which I know only happened for one show before they messed it up, but work
with me here)


Option B

WCW TV Title: You give this belt to a solid worker (Steven Regal or Booker
T for example) and have him defend the belt in short time limit matches
against a varied list of opponents. Don’t want to job one of them? Just do
a 10 minute broadway and you’re laughing. Champ retains and the challenger
looks like he had a chance of winning. In theory, both get more over (See
Benoit and Booker T in 1998)

Scott sez:  B worked for many years just fine. 

5: If Jushin Liger doesn’t win the 1995 J-Cup, who would you give it to?

Option A
Wild Pegasus so he can retain the title
Option B
Gedo for the big WAR home town pop

Scott sez:  Har har.  Option A. 

6: Aborted gimmick assignment that had the best chance of succeeding

Option A
Samoa Joe signs with WWE in 2005 and gets the Umaga gimmick instead of Ekmo
Option B
Terry Taylor gets the Mr Perfect gimmick instead of Curt Hennig

Scott sez:  I’m still not convinced that Terry Taylor was ever offered the Perfect gimmick, but Samoa Joe would have ripped up WWE in 2005 regardless of gimmick anyway. 

7: What would you have rather seen?

Option A
WWF bring in ECW’s Don E Allen (The Broadstreet Bully) for a one shot in
the mid 90’s while doing a TV taping in Philly and have him get into a
hockey fight with The Goon. The Bully sends The Goon into retreat to much


Option B

During Eddie Guerrero’s feud with JBL in 2004, Eddie brings back Repo Man
for a one shot and he “reposseses” JBL’s limo. Eddie then shows up the next
week on Smackdown and reveals he’s added hydrolics to the limo, much to
JBL’s consternation

Scott sez:  Option B is cute I guess.  Why would they bother bringing in an ECW jobber in option A though? 

8: Cancelled Wrestlemania match you would have most liked to have seen

Option A
Dean Malenko Vs Crash Holly at Mania X-Seven (Which got bumped so X-Factor
could have a match on the show)
Option B
The 10 man tag match at Mania X, which ended up getting pulled due to the
ladder match running long. It had 1-2-3 Kid and IRS in it, amongst others

Scott sez:  We did see the 10 man match on RAW after Wrestlemania and it wasn’t that great, so I guess option A. 

9: One of these has to beat HHH for the World Title during their feud in
2003. Which one do you brave?

Option A
Scott Steiner


Option B
Kevin Nash

Scott sez:  Steiner was a viable main event threat up until he actually wrestled, and then it was gone.  So I’d go with Nash, who at least could still work a match. 

And, finally
10: Feud you would have most liked to have seen
Option A
Heel Doink Vs Undertaker around 93-94
Option B
Ken Shamrock Vs Kurt Angle in 2002ish over who was manlier and who did the
better ankle lock

Shamrock in 2002 was beyond giving a crap about wrestling and pretty much just did the TNA gig for a quick buck, I think.  So Option A.