Who is the face? Who is the heel?

> Does anyone care that WWE is so uninterested in faces and heels anymore? I watch wrestling with my 7 year old and I can’t tell him who he should root for half the time. Should he cheer the undertaker, who ruined Brock Lesner’s shot at the title, or Brock who has a jerk manager brag about beating the undertaker all the time? How about the big show who beats up the miz who my son hates, and then wants to beat up ryback who he loves. Or cessaro who challenges cena for his title 2 weeks in a row and then teams with him next week. Everyone has to stay popular so we buy their shirts. Here’s a secret, if we don’t know who to cheer pretty soon we end up cheering no one and my kid just wants to watch ninja turtles for the millionth time.

Yeah but ratings were up 4% last week, so NEW BOOM PERIOD.