The Wrestling Bundle

This is a project that I’m getting involved with and it’s a rather cool concept.

What we have here is a package of cool stuff, ranging from e-books to matches to shoot interviews, some of which you can pick up for whatever you deem is the right price. The maximum price is going to be around $15, so this is hardly something ridiculously expensive.

Here’s the site, with a preview of some but not all of the stuff you get:

It’s a tiered system, with four different levels. Here are what you get at the basic levels that will be finalized very soon:

Free – 30 minute Water Cooler Talk with Matt Hardy. Yes free. All you have to do is enter your email to get updates on when the newest versions of this come out and you get this at zero cost.

First tier – You pay whatever you feel is right (includes everything in the previous tier):

An exclusive JTG shoot interview

“Feel the Heat: The History of SummerSlam” Vol. 1

A free one-month membership to

Mercedes Martinez & Angel Williams vs. Daizee Haze & Mickie Knuckles

Daniel Bryan & James Choi vs Robert Thompson & Chad Collyer

Jeff Hardy vs Wild Storm

Second tier – A price in the middle of free and the top price (to be determined, includes everything in the previous tiers):

An exclusive Matt Hardy Shoot Interview

Free three-month membership to Wrestling News World

CM Punk, Samoa Joe and BJ Whitmer vs Chris Hero, Homicide & B-Boy

A four way tag match

Team 3D vs Rhino & Abyss

The final tier – Somewhere around $15, includes everything above plus:

“Oh You Didn’t Know” shoot documentary on The New Age Outlaws

“The Raw Files: 1998” book

A surprise video feature that we will reveal a few days into the sale (you get this whether you buy before or after it’s released)

The key though is this is only available for one week. It’s going to be released tonight (August 16, 2015) at midnight and will only be available for seven days. There will be a new package available once a month with different things each time.

Starting next month, I’ll be throwing in one of my e-books into the package.

Let me know if you have any questions about it and spread the word around for this, though make sure you include the /gotommy part of the address. It’s similar to the Amazon links you hear about on the Steve Austin Show, as some of these sales kick back to me to keep me going around here.

Tommy Hall