Worst in the World

Hey Scott,

Taking out the obvious (Vinces, Arquette, etc…) who do you feel was the worst World Title holder from WWE, WCW, & NWA?

​I guess it depends on how you define the "worst". Overall most undeserving of the title?

WWE: Stan "The Man" Stasiak, who was the poor goober chosen to be the transitional champion between Pedro and Bruno. I mean, even into the modern era it’s not like they were putting the belt on jobbers or anything. Now if you’re counting the World championship from Smackdown, I’d vote Jack Swagger as the worst.

WCW: If we’re not counting Vince Russo or David Arquette, then it’s gotta be Jeff Jarrett. ​He apparently resisted getting the title in 2000 because he didn’t want to be the guy on top when the ship sank, but that’s exactly what happened anyway.

NWA: Given the strenuous process needed to get that belt up until the 80s, most of the champions were pretty worthy for one reason or another. Until you get to early 80s, when they pretty much abandoned that process and we got Tommy Rich for a week. Now, if we’re counting the modern version of the NWA, all bets are off and you get into candidates like the guy who bought the Sheik gimmick or Rob Conway.