Lightning Round Rebooted 2: The Bloodening

Hey Scott,

It occurred to me recently that every time Kevin Owens brings somebody to Chinlock City I can’t help but fantasize about what an awesome match he’d have with righteously indignant babyface Bret (think Summerslam 93), just like I can’t help but think of ’08 Jericho feud era Shawn whenever Brock tosses Seth Rollins like a rag doll.

Curious if you could give your top pick for the following wrestlers, with regards to whom you’d most wish we got to see them wrestle:

Bret Hart:  Randy Savage in a meaningful Wrestlemania title match. 

Shawn Michaels:  Mr. Perfect without a back injury. 

Kurt Angle: Bret Hart in 1997.

Brock Lesnar: Bruno Sammartino in 1969. 

Dynamite Kid: Chris Benoit. 

Ric Flair: Magnum TA at Starrcade. 

John Cena: Undertaker at a Wrestlemania 2 years ago.

Kevin Owens: Scott Steiner, just for the promos.

Randy Savage: Kurt Angle in 2000 trying to steal his woman. 

Steve Austin: Hulkamania-era Hogan. 

The Rock: Nikita Koloff. 

Curt Hennig: Brock Lesnar, just for the bumps alone he’d take. 

Hulk Hogan: New Jack.